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Strange Attraction – Episode 7



I wore a ree singlet and my joggers trouser, I wore a stocking as I climbed down

the stairs, I placed my hands on the rod which were used to guard the stairs,

uhmmm something is strange

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Who else could have touched the stairs, it was then I rembered that Camilla lives here. I quickly removed my hands from the stairs and placed them in my pocket

From the stairs I was face to face with the sitting room, I saw kelvin and Tessa squatting and looking at something, uhmm what could that be?

I walked towards them, I stood a inch from them, the moment they saw me, kelvin and Tessa went back to their seats and faced the television

I turned around and stood before the big couch, uhhm I guess she is the so called Camilla, I have never stood close to her before. Tessa gave me a sad look, I know what she wants to say

I stood and stared at Camilla, she was sleeping bit also restless and in pains, her full and long blonde hair was covering her face, I admire her hair because its the same colour with my mom’s hair

I stared at her for a while,I squatted in her front, I stretched my hands to her face, I tucked part of her hair behind her ear, jeez her hair is so thick

I tucked her again behind her ear for the second time so I could see a clear view of her face.

Well, the first thing I saw was her lips, she’s a real Beauty, but no feelings attached, I hate her, I placed my hands on her forehead, she’s really burning up.

Well I would love to help her but I don’t wanna kiss anybody, at this point of my life I hate the feeling of kissing someone

I stood up as I walked towards the dinning table, I sat down and my mom dished the food, I held my spoon and was about to eat when my mom raised my face to hers with her hands

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“Xavier, her fever is getting worst and her body is growing weaker, just heal her and I won’t bother you with any issue again, common the poor girl is hurting, you are older than her, she’s not too strong and if she carries that energy in her for another day, she won’t make it” my mom said in a low tone

“Fine, I will do it, but I will have to erase the memory of that particular scene okay?” I said with a stern look

“As you wish, my dear” my mom said with a smile

She went to wake Camilla up, she helped her walk to the dinning table

Kelvin and Tessa were all over her, treating her like a baby, aiishh, they really like this girl so much

Kelvin left his food and started feeding her, I felt something in my stomach, wait am I angry our jealous? Nah why would I be

Camilla raised her face with a heavy sigh, our eyes met, I was staring directly into her eyes and she was also staring at me, for the first time in my whole life, I felt sorry

I broke the eye contact as I stood up, I walked upstairs, I sunk into my bed still thinking about what to do

I could hear the clock ticking, deep inside me, I know Camilla is going to die tonight if I don’t extract the energy from her body

The time was 10pm, I stood up from my Ned, I am ready to heal her

I opened the door as I walked outside, I came face to face with my mom, Tessa, kelvin and Camilla, they were helping Camilla up to her room.

“I wanna heal her now, I said in a low tone. My mom helped Camilla to where I was standing, few meters away from my room

Camilla was right in front of me with her shoulders around my mom, I was speechless, I don’t even know what to say.

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I held Camilla by her arm, I pulled her close to myself, this feeling, her touch, her hands were warm, I have never felt like this for a long time

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This feeling am having now is that of a human, I pulled her closer while she groaned in pains, I held her waist, she couldn’t talk nor stand straight.

She threw her hands around my shoulders and she hugged me, I was more taller, she rested her head on my chest, I could feel her heart beat

I was feeling remorse for the first time, I tightened the hug, which made our body touch each other, only the clothes we were wearing was separating us

I loosened the hug, it was not working, the energy is not coming out. But why?

I raised her jaw with my hands, I raised her face to meet mine, her hair fell backward, her pretty smooth face, a tear ran down her eyes, she’s in pain

I let go of my eagle

She closed her eyes as I placed my lips on hers, she was even too weak to resist the kiss

It was a raw kiss, I am not enjoying kissing her but this is the only way I can save her

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I moved my lips a bit, her lips were so soft like that of a newborn baby, I kissed her more til I felt the energy going back into my body

I kissed her hard, she was going to fall then I held her tiny little waist, she’s damm small buh she looks big in her clothes

I disengaged from the kiss, she was breathing heavily, and then she passed out. I couldn’t let her fall, I held her tight and she fell into my arms

“Mom, carry her to her room, she will be fine, I will continue in her room”I said sternly

Mom: am sorry Xavier, I have locked her room and I can’t carry her, am so tired, am going to bed

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what?? Mom please don’t do this” I said looking pissed off. My mom walked into her room and licked the door behind her “Kelvin please help me carry her” I said staring at him

Kelvin: am sorry bruh but you have to carry her yourself into your room because her room is locked. Am going to bed

“Seriously???? I said pissed off already.

I was about to beg Tessa when she also ran into her room leaving me with Camilla

I had no other choice

I carried her in a bridal style into my room, she was now conscious but the energy was still in her a little bit

I locked the door, I made her stand on her feet, she was staring and me , she was dizzy I guess

I pulled off my shirt leaving my body, jeez I can’t believe am gonna do this

I pulled off Camillas sweater and her dress leaving her bra, I tried not to look at her

I pulled her into a hug, I tightened the hug, I was extracting the energy from her body into mine

She wrapped her hands tight around me , she was scared, her body temperature became normal in less than 5 minutes.

I disengaged from the hug, I brought out my white t shirt which was big and long

I forgot she was wearing only bra.

Her body is fire

I wore her the shirt and I packed her hair by her side, I carried her and laid her on my bed, I covered her with the blanket

She was already in a deep sleep

I placed my right hand on her forehead, I cleaned her memory I kissed her gently

I was feeling so emotional, her body her hair, her lips and her hands and waist

I laid on the couch at the end of the room. I closed my eyes to get some sleep

Just then her body flashed through my head again

“She is fire”


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