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Strange Attraction – Episode 6


I sat on my bed, still feeling heavy, today is Monday and I don’t wanna miss school

I tried to stand up again but I was feeling more weak, just then Tessa walked into my room all dressed up for school

“Hey Tessa, good morning” I said cleaning my face with my hands “Hey babe, how you feeling? She asked as she touched my forehead

the fever is getting worst, its like my whole body is broken, I can’t even walk straight ” I said with a moody voice

Tessa: just take your drugs sweedy, you wioo be fine in no time

Camilla : but I don’t wanna miss school today, I wanna go to school

Tessa : but you are not feeling well, dong worry, maybe if you take your drugs correctly you will be fine tomorrow

Camilla : exams are approaching, I really wanna graguate this year, I don’t need an extension

Tessa : don’t worry Camilla, you will be fine

Camilla: hey, how is Xavier doing? Does he live Jere with you guys?

Tessa : yes of course, he’s downstairs eating I guess

Camilla: are you for real? Like I haven’t seen him since I entered into this house

Tessa : yea, he spends most of his time alone, he’s a sadist, he barely talks and he’s harsh and very hard to understand

Camilla: but why? Is that his nature or something Happend that turned him into this?

Tessa : don’t worry, if you are really the muse, you will find out about your crush the day you will be healed.

Bye girl, am off to school

Camilla: wait…. Pls… what are you talking about?…. What is this muse thing???

I tried to stop Tessa from leaving but she just walked out

Gosh, why is everybody in this house weird? Its like they are different from me

I was still looking for an answer to what Tessa just said when the door slid open and Mrs Douglas walked in.

“Good morning Camilla” she said with a broad smile. I replied her with a sad look

Mrs Douglas: are you okay?

Camilla: no no no, am not okay, I wanna go to school, now I have a miss school today

Mrs Douglas: oh don’t worry sweedy, there is a news now on CNN that all schools are to be closed for the next two weeks starting from today. So automatically there is no school today.

Tessa and kelvin are downstairs.

Camilla: ohh, that’s nice

Mrs Douglas: Camilla can I ask you something? Can you keep a secret?

Camilla : sure I can

Mrs Douglas: do you believe in these demi god?

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Camilla: yea, I do but I have never seen any before

Mrs Douglas: alright, you will get to meet one very soon

Camilla: what?? Are you kidding me?

Mrs Douglas: no, am not, am serious, practically am friends with him, so you will see him soon.

Alright, go take a shower, you can walk short distance, take a shower, dress up let’s go downstairs

Camilla: sure its okay

I walked slowly as my heavy legs could carry me into the bathroom, I switched on the shower, warm water flowed through my back, in few minutes I was through, I wrapped a towel around my body

I came out and cleaned myself up, I wore a short bean skirt and a big t shirt covering the skirt, I love hiding my shape and curves. I wore my sweater and a long stocking

I sat on the bed, Mrs Douglas came from the balcony where she was having a good view and she took the dryer as she helped me dry my hair

They way she touched and caressed my hair, were the same feelings of my mom, yea, I remember her clearly

She dryer my hair, she wanted to pack it by the middle like a ponytail but I refused

“Don’t worry, just leave it to fall on my back, its much better this way” I said with a smile

“Common Camilla, you are a beauty and I don’t know where you keep covering your face with your hair, okay, let me pack it to your back like this, it won’t be tight, it will still fall over your cheeks, how about that?” She said with a smile

“Sure” I replied

She packed my hair gently, she helped me up, my legs were still heavy and I am feeling dizzy

She held me tight as I climbed down the stairs, we got to the sitting room, Tessa ran to help me sit too, I sat close to her and I immediately rested my head on Tessa’s shoulder

Kelvin came and sat close to me by the other side

“Hey beauty, you are going to be alright soon” he said as he patted my head

Kelvin: seriously, Camilla I never knew you were this beautiful, is that why you keep falling your hair over your face?

Camilla: maybe or maybe not

Kelvin: you are not in your right mind.

Camilla: lol, thanks sweedy.

Mrs douglas was still cooking in the kitchen with all the maids, I can’t wait to eat, its like am gonna die in the next few minutes

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Mrs Douglas.


I walked out of the kitchen to see what the kids were doing, I just hope nothing happens to Camilla, I owe her mom to keep her safe and marry Xavier

I took a few steps to the sitting room, Camilla was resting her head on Kelvin’s shoulder instead on Tessa, they were chatting, laughing, and I could also see that Camilla is feeling sleepy, I know she’s going through pains.

Poor Camilla, she doesn’t even remember me




I and Camilla’s mom were friends for a short while, I knew her when she was pregnant, back then I was in Korea with little Xavier who was just two years old

She sells coffee, I went into the store that day to buy a cup of coffee, I had to use the restroom, she was through with her shift, so she carried my baby while I used to restroom, she was heavily pregnant with Camilla

Being that Xavier was a god and a demon, Xavier touched her stomach with a smile, she smiled back at him while she caressed his hair

I was coming back from the restroom when I stood and observed what the both of them were doing.

Xavier placed his hands on her stomach, he was talking with the baby, I am also not a human so I knew what was going on

It was then I realized that the baby in her stomach was dead. And Xavier was only trying to give the baby life.

Xavier continued rubbing her belly while she was busy with her phone, unknown of what is going on

The baby turned a bit in her stomach which made her water break, the baby was back to life

I ruser towards her, I called my bodyguard, I handed Xavier to him, I helped her into the car as we drove to the hospital

She was taken to the labour room, I waited outside with Xavier who was now sleeping

After few minutes the doctor came out and told me that she gave birth to a baby girl, a big smile ran through my face

Now I see why Xavier gave the baby life, she was a girl and he was attracted to her that was why he gave the baby life

Xavier woke up when he heard the doctors voice, we went into the ward to see our new born baby

Vera, carried her baby with a big smile, we ran to her, I carried the baby from her and brought her to the level of Xavier, he smiled at her, he touched her cheek and he held her little hands

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“Her name is going to be Camilla, she is my Camilla” Xavier said in his tiny little voice. I smiled at Camilla’s mom, she agreed to the name

I was carrying the baby when I told her that I am half human, I told him how Xavier woke the dead baby, tears flowed through her eyes, then we became friends while she kept my secret safe

We went back to America while she remained in Korea with her husband and Camilla, we talked through video callas and phone

I watched Camilla grew, Xavier couldn’t stop calling the name Camilla.

Most times he always says that, she is my Camilla.

Camilla was eleven years old and Xavier was 13 when tragedy struck. Camilla’s mom died out of siezure, I wasn’t there to save her, and nobody called me.

I couldn’t reach her husband, they changed their house, it was then I realized that I can’t reach Camilla.

Xavier couldn’t stop mentioning Camilla, although they and only talked on video call once, Xavier wants to talk to her again. We made the two kids keep a distance because of tragedy . Xavier has forgotten how her face looks like, but he remembers the name.

Camilla’s mom never told Camilla about Xavier, and Camilla doesn’t even know who Xavier is, they just by chance saw each other when we were on a video call, and they talked only was a short conversation.

I lost contact with Camilla, I searched everywhere in Korea, then I gave up

I knew what was at stake, Camilla is now attached to Xavier.

Xavier was sleeping when I wiped his memory of Camilla, I knew Camilla’s memory also wiped too, because they were connected.

Xavier grew up just like a god should grow up.

My husband said they are going to meet again if they are really meant to be. The mistake I made was that I shouldn’t have cleaned Xavier’s memory entirely.

Flash back ends

Now, Camilla is here, she doesn’t remember anything, Xavier doesn’t remember anything. If Xavier can remember the name am sure everything will be fine

But Xavier has turned into a real god and a demon like he should, am not sure he’s gonna remember, even if he does, he might hurt Camilla more because he is a demon and the pain of his past won’t let him think straight.

Haeeew, that’s the story


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