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Strange Attraction – Episode 4


First day at work woah!

I don’t even know the kind of work she will be giving me, anyways am just exicted, I will finally get a place to go after school

I wore my normal bf geans and a white big t shirt, I left my hair falling, covering half of my face as usual

I hung my purse around my shoulders and I held my phone in my left hand

I took a cab, I gave the driver the complementary card Mrs Douglas gave to me

It was really a long drive, its like we are never going to get there

We finally drove into a big estate, mehhn the buildings are so magnificent, the road is so tidy and they are sparkling

I brought my head out of the window like a bush baby staring at the big buildings by the side.

I saw a couple of girls, women, men outside , they are strolling I guess, I was surprised when I saw a girl I knew in school

Mehhn, these kids are really wealthy, we finally drove to the end of the estate

I paid the driver as I stepped down, I stood and looked around for like five minutes still surveying the area

Wow, this is like heaven, I brought out the card, the number written on it was 243b, I walked further there was a house on it’s own space

This house is actually the biggest in the whole area, it has a big gate at the front, I could see men with gun standing around the walls

Woooow, I think am in the wrong place, I walked a little bit closer, the number in the card was inscribed at the edje of the gate

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I tapped the gate gently, a short man came and opened the gate halfway

“Hi young lady, who are you looking for here?” He asked with a straight face

“Uhhmm am looking for Mrs Douglas, she gave me this card and asked me to meet her today” I said stretching the card to him

He took the card from me and surveyed it.

“Okay, just follow me quietly” he said as he led me into the big compound

I walked behind him as I stared at the hole area, the walls of the house is transparent on tgw outside but you can’t see inside

This place looks like a castle, omg av never seen somewhere beautiful as this place

Is this lady a drug lord, because I believe she is super wealthy

All the cars in the compound are range rover sports, Benz, limousine, buggati. Wow it’s like am in the emperors house

We walked to the door, he pressed the passcode and the door slid open

We walked inside, the first thing I saw was the beautiful sitting room, behind the last chair was a bar, and the long gold stairs

The wall was glittery, my eyes went to the ceiling, it has a big silver chandelier, even the floor is expensive

The jars at the edjes of the house are beautiful

“Hey stay here, I will go upstairs and call her out” the short man said as he walked away.

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I quickly brought out my phone as I tool a quick selfie, dammn this is a real castle, just like the one I see in movies

In less than few minutes, the man walked outside through the door

I stood still expecting Mrs Douglas to show up

I heard footsteps, I raised my face as I saw a beautiful young lady with long blonde hair, wearing black short top and trousers climbing down the stairs

Wow, Mrs Douglas is really beautiful, how come she’s already married now

She walked closer to me with a smile on her face

Mrs Douglas : oh hi Camilla you came

Camilla: yea, you look amazing

Mrs Douglas: you look super amazing, welcome to my humble abode

Camilla: wow, your house is magnificent. Soo where are your kids?

Mrs Douglas: they are upstairs minding their business

Camilla: is your house always this quiet??

Mrs Douglas: uhmm yea, we don’t interact much in here

Camilla: don’t worry ma’am things will change soon, I said with a smile

“Common let’s get to the kitchen” she said and she held my hands as we walken towards the kitchen

I pulled off my jacket as I hung it on the handle by the wall, I dropped my purse on the table and pulled off my sandal as I wore a haiely rabbit slipper

We sat close to each other on the high stool by the dinning table

Mrs Douglas : I like your accent, its amazing and av never heard something like yours before, where are your parents from?

Camilla : my mom is from America here and my dad is from Korea

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Mrs Douglas: wow, that is a rare combination, now I see why your accent sounds like that. So where are your parents now?

Camilla: my mom is in heaven now, she died when I was eleven years old, she’s gone and my dad is in Korea, I got a scholarship that is why am here in America

Mrs Douglas: ohh am so sorry about your mom, I know how you feel right now.

Camilla: thanks ma’am

Mrs Douglas: sooo, do you have a boyfriend? Or a crush?

Camilla: lol I don’t have a boyfriend and I have a crush on this Xavier in my school but he’s cold and he barely talks, but I will get over him soon, he’s just too handsome Dats why am crushing on him.

Mrs Douglas: wow, am sure this Xavier of a boy will like u soon

Camilla : lol, you are really funny. Do you mind, how old are you?

Mrs Douglas : I am 38 years old

Camilla : wtf, that is a lie, wait that is true but you look so young, you look like you are twenty

Mrs Douglas: yea, yea people say that a lot

Camilla: nice

The way she talked and laughed, she made me feel at home, she’s the nicest person I have met over the years

We were still giggling about it when I felt someone standing by the entrance of the kitchen

I turned to see who it was…..

I felt a sharp pain in my head, and I passed out.


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