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Strange Attraction – Episode 21 [Completed]

__ Poseidon __

I sat in my throne at the deep end of the ocean as the water froze

I rose from my throne with my daughter beside me

Who dare freeze the ocean?

There are few people who can do that

“Dad, I think a god is in trouble” my daughter merinda said

“Let’s go together and see for ourselves” I said as I held my staff. (Topster Stories) Kindly share out more interesting stories from using the floating social media icon button at the bottom of the screen

It was then I noticed that everybody, mermen and mermaids also froze.

The way I was swimming through cracked open, but the rest of the sea was left frozen

We swam a long journey till we got to the middle of the sea ‘ two love birds hung to each other with a kiss…..

We swam towards the them as the water cracked slowly

It was the son of Douglas, this boy is so smart, he knew I did come for him “Dad, who is he? And the girl? ” my daughter asked?

Maybe you should ask them that question after we save them I replied with a smirk.

I held the boys hands as it unfroze gently, merinda held the girls hand and it unfroze gently

We closed our eyes as we vanished to the sea shore I grew legs, same as my daughter

I carried Xavier on the shore, and the girl beside him

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Xavier opened his eyes as he sprung up immediately, he bowed down in respect.



I bowed in respect to the god of the seas” Poseidon “, he tapped my shoulders as he gestured for me to stand up

I faced his daughter merinda, she has grown so big. She bowed to me in respect.

I was brought back to reality as turned back to my lifeless Camilla on the bare floor

” she is not dead, she only fell into a deep sleep and her powers are activated ” merinda said in a smile

Camilla coughed a little as I made her sit and rest her back on my legs She opened her weak eyes with a smile

I pulled her into a hug, I missed her so much, and at the same time scared I held her up as I covered her with my jacket, we stood up

“Xavier, you froze my ocean” Poseidon said crossing his hands around his body “Ohh, am sorry, I will make it up to you” I said with a smile

“Then let me go to America with you, am so tired of this place, I can swim to any ocean if I wanna visit dad” merinda said with a baby face

“Fine, but take care of yourselves” Poseidon said as he turned and walked towards the ocean

He is the tallest man you can ever think of, and his daughter? Just beautiful as my Camilla

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Poseidon unfroze the whole ocean as he walked into the water Ice were all over the surface of the water.

A big car was coming towards our direction, that should be Tessa and kelvin.

I held Camilla, her body is cold, she is really weak. She gave me a smile and she passed out

The car stopped as Kelvin and Tessa came out, merinda helped me put Camilla in the back seat as we drove home quietly

I bath Camilla myself as I laid her on my bed, I watched I sleep, she isn’t so fragile after all

I went downstairs to my parents

Mom, dad, kelvin , Tessa, maids, merinda were all giggling and smiling The look happy now, I just hope Camilla will recover from this whole mess

I joined them in fun

But I noticed something……….

Merinda and Kelvin are kinda shy to look at each other, shit They are in love already???

Poseidon is definitely gonna kill kelvin.

Next morning.


I woke up from the kisses from Camilla

“Hey lazy bone, go take your bath, our flight is in the next one hour” she said rubbing my stomach

Xavier: are you alright?

Camilla: yea, am fine but am just feeling like , you know there is something new in me

Xavier: yea, your powers have been activated actually? Half god now

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You will actually be feeling different

Camilla: different like?

Xavier: like bossy, bad girl, slow to speak and so many more

Camilla: OK. We missed graduation, so let’s head back to America and start our lives

Xavier: by getting married.

Camilla laughed as she went downstairs to meet the rest people

I took my bath we went to the airport, boarded a flight as we went back to America Authoress pov

The went back home, merinda and kelvin found love.

Scoffs, Poseidon is coming for kelvin tho.

Camilla and Xavier’s love grew stronger. Tessa couldn’t do without Camilla And merinda couldn’t do without Tessa and Camilla

Xavier being a boss of thousands companies was still the hottest guy on the internet

Camilla and Xavier got married

Xavier couldn’t control the tears of Camilla being pregnant for him after three weeks

Her beauty blossomed

Her heart of gold

She gave birth to a handsome son

Xavier’s look alike

Although being a little baby, was smart and could communicate to his momma and papa

The whole family grew

Tessa, kelvin and merinda found joy and happiness

At age four Camilla’s baby (xander) found his muse in a museum

She was little Catherine

They grew with love.

The end

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