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Strange Attraction – Episode 19



I stood up as I threw the letter on the bare floor, I paced around the sitting room

I touched Tessa, her body was hot, she has started reacting to the time bomb

But how did kaylan do it? I guess she drugged them and make her fall asleep

I ran my hands through my hair, and for the first time in my whole life I am worried, scared and unsettled, I seriously can’t marry kaylan

Am never gonna do that, gosh how can I even spend the rest of my life with her?

Thinking about it alone is making me go nuts, its like my whole body is allergic to that name kaylan

I just hope Camilla is fine, I shouldn’t have got her into this mess, she is so soft and fragile

I didn’t realize that tears were dropping out of my eyes, I mean real tears My dad patted my shoulder as he pulled me close…

“Son, calm down, this is part of who you are, we are gods, we face challenges, I once passed through this too, just calm down and let’s figure things out” my dad said in a low tone

“Dad, am not gonna marry Kaylan, I will never do that, I rather kill myself than do it” I said burning up

“Son, calm down, we have to look for a way to make Tessa vomit this time bomb, its gonna kill her” my mom said getting worried

I picked up my phone as I dialed kaylan’s number

“Hey, are you messing with me?” I asked in a calm tone

“Don’t worry Xavier, I know you are flaring up because of Camilla, aishh after beating her up, she’s asleep, she is really tired so I will call you when she wakes up” kaylan said as she ended the call

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I threw my phone to the walls angrily, its already midnight

What on earth am I gonna do.

Kelvin stared at me speechless

Damm seeing everybody staring at me like I am the only one who can end this is driving me nuts.

I picked up Camilla’s phone which was ringing on the couch, her dad was calling

“Hi oppa” I said calmly

“Please is this Xavier? How is Camilla doing, she hasn’t been picking my calla, I have this feeling that she is not okay, please why is going on?” He asked without allowing me to answer one of his questions

“Don’t worry oppa, she is not here right now but she will be fine okay?

“I will call you when she is with me, I won’t allow anything to Happen to her” I said trying to hold back my tears

He ended the call with a sigh of relief, I guess everybody is looking up to me now

Kelvin brought a glass of water and handed it over to me, I tapped Tessa gently as she opened her weak eyes

I made her sit on the couch.

“Hey, you are gonna be fine okay? Don’t be scared am here for you” I said as I patted her head

I made her drink the water slowly

Just then an idea occurred to me

“Hey, Tessa stand up, bend over a little” I said with all seriousness I made kelvin tie his hands around her stomach and choke her hard I dipped my hands into her mouth which made her try to puke.

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The time bomb is a tiny instrument which may have settled in her abdomen or in between her lungs.

We kept choking her until her mouth started pouring out blood

The blood didn’t stop me, she kept vomiting blood until I heard a sound of pin fall to the ground

We stopped choking her and made her sit, Tessa looks do weak but she is strong.

“Kelvin, go help her wash up and make sure she takes her bath and bring her downstairs to eat”

Kelvin helped Tessa upstairs to wash up

I picked up the tiny bomb from the floor,I ordered the maids to clean up the mess

“This is the only way Camilla will be able to vomit the time bomb” my dad said with a sad face

“Then all we have to do is to get Camilla” my mom added

I kept the sad face as I coverd my face with my palm

“Hey, what’s with the sad face? My mom asked again

mom, Camilla is a human, although I am the one that gave her life, I don’t know if that power has washed off from her.

Mom she won’t survive it.

Mom: what do you mean she won’t survive it?

Xavier: she is a human

Mom: well, we have to try it, that girl can’t die, I rather risk our lives for her

Xavier: then let’s talk to kaylan again.

I barely stopped talking when I heard my phone ringing, kaylan was calling me on a video call

Kelvin, Tessa, my mom, dad and all the maids gathered as I answerd the call.

The first person I saw was my Camilla

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A cold shiver ran through my body as I saw the poor little girl tied to a chair with her messy hair, grey teary eyes and her unkept body.

I covered my mouth with my hands trying to control the tears….

“Hey, baby are you okay? Hey, just reply me.. Are you hurt, are you okay?” I asked miserably

She didn’t reply me, she only stared at the camera with tears flowing from her eyes

“Camilla, just tell me you are fine” I screamed under my breath

Her t shirt was ripped apart, her bra was the only thing covering her. The light in the room was blur I can’t even see her clearly

Her skirt was tatters, her eyes were red, damm she looks like she’s gonna pass out anytime time soon.

“Don’t worry Xavier, am just getting started” kaylan said ordering a man to untie Camilla

The man was heavy and big.

Camilla tried covering her upper body even tho her hands were tied

Wait?? Did he rape her? Is that why she looks like this? Is this why she isn’t saying anything?

So many things ran through my mind

The man held her hair as he hit her in the stomach really hard

Camilla let out a scream as I felt my heart stop beating for a moment

He was about to hit her stomach again when I yelled “stop”

“Kaylan please stop, stop okay? We will get married.

” am calling the wedding tomorrow”.

We are getting married by 7am in the morning.


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