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Strange Attraction – Episode 17



I woke up feeling much better and happier, I took my bath and wore a red bumbshort and a white t shirt

I combed my hair and packed it in a ponytail, I held my phone and walked don the stairs

I saw Tessa in the dinning, she was also wearing a bumbshort and a white top.

‘Hey, come let’s eat” she said with a big smile

I joined her in the dinning as we ate the fried rice together

“Mom and dad will be coming back tomorrow, too bad over vacation will be ending soon” Tessa said with a sad look

“And our graduation is on Monday, today is just Thursday tho” I said licking my spoon

“Ohh, that is true” Tessa said looking surprised

Tessa: you know, I can’t believe I will be graduating with my big brorher. Xavier is three years older than me and Kelvin

Camilla: wow, then how come u guys will be gragu

Tessa: Xavier knew everything when he was two, he didn’t need school, but people started suspecting that he is a strange child

So… my mom had to beg him to go to school. When he was in grade five.

He had my mom bring me and Xavier to his class, that’s how it Happend

Camilla: wow, Xavier is so nice.

Tessa: swears

Camilla: sooo? Are we heading out???

Tessa: yea, Xavier and Kelvin are upstairs, getting dressed I guess

The both act like they are twin or something.

Camilla: nah, you guys actually looks like triplets

Tessa: we get that a lot, most people think we are triplets and I am the last of em

Camilla: awwn, I would love to give birth to a twin you know

Tessa: Xavier loves twin, he loves tge stress of it. Maybe he will give u twins .

Camilla: funny tho, I want twins and I pray I get a set soon.

We were still chatting when Xavier and kelvin stepped down the stairs Xavier gave me a back hug of which I turned and received… “Let’s go out” kelvin said interrupting us

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“What about your girlfriend? She not coming with us?” I asked with a plain look.

“We are fighting, and I don’t even wanna see her” he replied as he walked towards the door

We all followed his silently as we got into the car.

We drove to the mall which was not too far from our house actually.

We got into the cinema, we bought popcorn and I’ve cream as we sat down and watched “after”.

It was a romance movie tho, the air was tensed when it got to a sex scene Aiish too bad for me, this isn’t part of my plans.

The movie ended quietly, we left the cinema as we strolled round the mall.

Xavier held my hands and wouldn’t let go.. At that moment I made a promise to myself

No matter what happens, he’s mine and I am not letting go of him for any reason

We Boughy second round of ice cream, we took pictures, played games and every other thing couples would do

We finally got tired and decided to go home.

The ride home was a sweet one, we played music and disturbed through out the ride

Expect Xavier, he kept to his normal boring attitude, he kept silent as he kept facing his phone.

We got home, Tessa was feeling sleepy, so as Kelvin, they went to their rooms as they dozed off

Xavier wanted me in his room so I followed him there….

I allowed him take his bath first before I took mine

It was just 6pm in the evening

I came out of the bathroom and I found Xavier on his table writing something on his laptop

I wore my p jamas, I laid on the bed and started reading a novel tittle “a little whisper”

I was lost in the novel, I didn’t notice Xavier was staring at me I raised my eyes to meet his

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Shit, that was scary tho, I thought I saw a ghost.

He moved closer to where I was laying on the bed, he sat on the edjr and pulled me up

I sat on his legs feeling shy and having butterflies in my stomach.

“Hey,don’t tell me that you still shy around me” Xavier said tucking my hair behind ear.

“Am not shy, m just not used to you yet” I replied

“Am going downstairs, Tessa and kelvin should be there, I said as I ran downstairs Tessa was watching TV while Kelvin was busy with his phone

I joined Tessa in the movie when we sudennly heard a bang on the door. Kaylan

Everything is planned out right now, I got a pregnancy text and it says that am pregnant

Guess what, the pregnancy is for Xavier anyways

I banged on the door really hard with my luggage’s beside me Am here to stay

If Camilla hears this, I know she won’t be able to stand it, she’s a weakling The door slid open as I saw Camilla and Tessa standing before me I pushed them aside and dragged my luggage’s in

what the fuck are you doing here” Tessa asked rudely, I flashed a smile towards her.

Camilla .….

My heart pounded as I saw kaylan, she’s no good news at all

I took few steps pack as I wrapped my hands around my upper body.

She gave me a bad stare and I gave her a deadly stare.

Xavier stepped down with his hands in his pocket Xavier: what do you want kaylan

Kaylan: common boo, don’t you wanna welcome your future wife and your baby???

Xavier: wtf are you talking about? Who’s baby?

Kaylan: well, its your baby, am pregnant for you.

Xavier: shit, common kaylan we both know we used protections through out our little thing.

Kaylan: you are wrong, remember the day we did four rounds???

You saw only three user condoms right??

That was because I removed one during the inter course.

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Xavier: wtf???




.a tear dropped from my eyes as I listened to the whole drama

“Hey, show me a pregnancy test” Tessa said angrily

Kaylan threw a pregnancy text at us of which was positive and the test was just an hour ago.

My heart broke into pieces

Xavier was just staring at kaylan.

Kelvin tried to hold me back telling me to be brave

I know kaylan is doing all this for me to leave

“Hey Camilla, you should start packing your bags, the doctor told me I will be having twins. I don’t want you here, not with the father of my baby” kaylan said with a mockery tone

The anger in me was boiling up, why this little brat of a girl

Kaylan walked up to me with a naughty smile, waiting for me to cry and run away

Kaylan: you don’t belong here, I am now is baby mama and his muse.

You can get a DNA test after I give birth

(Of which she will also fake)

“Just get the fuck outta here bitch”

I couldn’t control it anymore

I gave her a hot slap across her face and held her neck so tight

Camilla: listen up bitch, I know he’s not the father of that baby, congrats if he’s the father

You are just going to be his concubine, am not the Camilla of before.

You wanna stay here, sure, we will wait for you to give birth, and if Xavier is not the father, you and your baby will rot in jail. Oh before I forget

Am not leaving Xavier of that is your wish.. Am his muse okay?

You give birth to the children, I will take care of them and you get the fuck outta this country

You don’t mess with a Korean girl like me. Am a mixed breed!


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