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Strange Attraction – Episode 16



I woke up from a tight cuddle, I stared at my side, I knew I wasn’t in my room

I tried to loose his grip from my waist so I could stand up, but he held me tight

After few minutes, he left me.. I sat on the bed, I still find it hard to speak, my whole system is knocked down due to shock

I bowed my head still sitting down…

Xavier planted a kiss on my neck, I got a cold shiver but why is he being nice now?

I stood up from the bed and was walking towards the door until I heard stop!.

Xavier walked up to me and held my wrist, I turned as we faced each other.

He was shirtless and was wearing his joggers, it was then I noticed that the t shirt I was wearing was very short.

My boxer pant was revealing, my hips were exposed and I wasn’t even wearing a bra.

My boobs were pointing outta the shirt.

Worst day ever?

“Thanks for saving me, I really appreciate it” I said in a low tone…

I could see Xavier’s eyes forming up water, he stood straight with his right hand on his pocket

Is he really going to cry?

Xavier: “Heyyyy, am sorry, I know I messed up real bad, I don’t deserve you at all….

am a jerk for treating you like you mean nothing to me, but the truth is, you mean a lot to me…..

Camilla: what are you talking about?

Xavier: “you are my Camilla…… you are my own creation, you were the first

being I gave life and you are also the last.

am sorry I had to forget about you, I didn’t mean to I swear, am pouring out my heart to you because I don’t wanna loose ya

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“I knew I was missing something, but I was too blind to notice you were right here

in front of me


I messed up…. I even named you Camilla…

I wanted to watch my girl grow up

“I wanted to watch my girl smile and rock different outfits with me. I gave you life because I loved your pretty face in your mother’s womb”

“I loved the way your mom patted my head and allowed me rub her stomach

gosh, I even named you Camilla because I have always loved that name, I thought it did fit my muse

“Camilla am sorry,if I made life hard for you.

its alright, it wasn’t intentional, I hold nothing against you” I replied him with teary eyes.

I stood speechless as o watched a tear drop from his eyes…..

Is he really crying right now?…

He stepped closer as he wiped my tears with his hands

He pulled me into a tight hug.. We hugged for a long time as I let my tears out

I have been holding them for too long.

We disengaged from the hug. He cupped my face in his hands, he bent over because I was shorter

He kissed me.

I returned the kiss and wrapped my hands around him

He raised me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist……

I just wish this won’t end

We disengaged from the kiss, I flashed a smile at him “Let’s bath together” Xavier said in a sweet voice. We are actually going to be bathing cold water.

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I stepped into the bathroom, I stood under the shower, I pulled off my shirt and my pant

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I switched on the shower, I allowed the water flow through my body Its a bit chilly but this is the best feeling you can ever think of

I was still scrubbing my body when I felt big hand and muscles grab my boobs from behind

My nipples were hard and standing because the mixture of the cold from the shower and what I just felt is just too much.

I turned slowly to take a good look at him….

His eyes were glittery like,I haven’t seen him so handsome like this

He was name, and so was I.

He pulled me into a kiss without hesitating

He caressed my whole body in less than five minutes…

I was really wet for the first time. His hard d**k was in between my legs as we kissed.

But he sundelly put the shower off

He brought his mouth close to my ear.

“My mom is gonna kill me if I hurt her daughter in-law” he whispered into my ear

He walked out of the bathroom and left me standing

Jeez, why now. We should have just don’t this once and for all.

He even took the towel along with him. I stepped out of the bathroom and ran inside the big curtains

I couverd myself with the curtains as I watched Xavier wear is blue joggers and his red t shirt

“Get me a towel please” I said in a baby voice

“Why should I get you a towel? Come out and wear your clothes, they are right here on the bed. He said with a smirk

Seriously, does he really wanna see me naked, shit its embarrassing

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I left the curtains as I walked towards the bed bowing my head a little My body was already dried..

Uhmm, he gave him his black joggers and a pink female shirt.

Did he buy this for me?

I wore it without hesitation. I wanted to turn when hr packed my hair for me He’s really sweet.

We both went downstairs, the air between us was a little awkward

We met Tessa and kelvin in the sitting room eating chips and watching tv. they stared at us like the saw a ghost. Tessa flashed a wink at me

Aiiish, naugty girl. We sat together as we talked, laughed and did so many plays.

Kelvins girlfriend joined us, Tessa’s boyfriend came too.

They live in America too, they are also here for vacation

They air got tensed when everybody wanted privacy to make out.

Xavier carried me on his back to the kitchen. He dropped me on the cabinet.

hey, you know am still in my transformation and its gonna end tomorrow’ he said playing with my hair

“But am horny” he said with a smirk.

I was speechless but I gave h a sexy smile as I caressed his hair.

He dipped his hands into my shirt as he played with my boobs



I was still thinking of what to do when I started feeling sick

I ran into the bathroom as I threw up on the bare floor

At first I was scared

I stared at the floor looking at what came out from my mouth clearly



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