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Straight And Retound – Season 1 – Episode 9

Straight And Retound

Straight And Retound

I was indifferent about what they must have talked about, but could not say so of the presence of Beverly who was beside me in the passenger’s seat.

“Tay, could you please help me with this?” She was weakly battling with the seatbelt. With a divided focus, I tried helping her. Unintentionally, my hand lightly caressed her breasts, and she stifled what would have been a loud m0an. I turned to look at her only to see that some of the buttons on her clothes had come undone, it definitely wasn’t like that earlier, her smooth, thick thighs were exposed and tempting to touch. This might be a set-up probably to test my faithfulness to my wife. But, If this was the case I already failed when she came into my room last night.
Tay, she screamed and pointed forward. I stepped on the brakes before I knew she was pointing at was the black Mercedes V-boot reversing out of an adjacent street. Had I not stepped on the brakes I’d have rammed my Peugeot 504 into it.

I didn’t try to take another peek but involuntarily when we get stuck up in a hold-up my eyes would stray and glide over her thighs.
We encountered an unmoving traffic when we joined the major road. The heat, honks and fumes from the trucks in front were making life more difficult. I wound up and turned on the air conditioner to full blast. In that moment, through the corner of my right eye, I caught Beverly trying to undo buttons over her inner thighs. What is she doing? I knew her coming to the office and waiting for me was a scheme to get to me.

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“What are you trying to do?”She ignored me and continued unbuttoning it there were only but a few buttons left. If she gets undressed she’s going to draw unnecessary attention, and I am a very reserved or private person. I panicked and looked out the window at the pedestrians walking by, and weakly convinced myself that I wasn’t doing anything with her. What if this is all planned I thought again. Inasmuch as I would love to go all macho on this hot number, I rather think it wise to not jeopardize my marriage with a what would be an incest.
“See, Beverly, whatever plans you are hatching you better stop.”

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She ignored me, she now had probably one or two buttons left at mid torso, her lacy red bra was peeping out. She held my eyes, cut my breathe and began opening the gown and in a slow motion, she moved them to their sides. She unveiled her thighs, and weakened my resolve when she la!d bare her pvssy covering lacy [email protected] with hairs poking out of its spaces.
“See, if you don’t stop this thing, I will tell your cousin.”
I sounded like I breath through my mouth. She chuckled, reached and grabbed my hand, placed it on her thighs and used her hand to aide it so it slided over her smooth thighs and discovered more secrets that tied my tongue.
“Don’t you want to know how this feels boy?” I am a boy o. I nodded absentmindedly. She crooned.
“You were manly yesterday, what happened to the man.” She cooed in my ear.
I swallowed hard she raised her right leg and placed it on the dashboard and gave me a full access. I cupped her vag1nq and her pvssy felt large, it was a hand full in [email protected] Oh! heavens you know I didn’t want to do this. I was still weakly reluctant and trying to restrict my hand from finding its way into her orifice just as my jvhn was steadily nodding and about to tear my pant trousers.

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She moved her lacquered finger over my zipper.
“I see some one needs a head?” Tiana was crazy in bed but she never bought the idea of giving, and I was indifferent about it but staring at the thick lips that said something about a head, oh, yes give it o give it.

She sq££zed my dixk, then started massaging it while I was still caressing her thighs. She adjusted and used both hands to unzip my fly, reached into the zipper, there was no enough space for her to bring it out, I withdrew my hand, loosen the belt, and she pulled it out from under my briefs. Without any forewarnings my dixk disappeared into her mouth, its warmth deafened all my anxiety. She licked my engorged dixk head. I cared about anyone catching us but at this moment I doubt if that’s is possible, I was somewhere they can’t reach. I wasn’t too sure about placing my hand on her head, but I did when her tongue stroke a string.

“Mr man, move now” He bellowed.
Beverly stopped and I opened my eyes to a spook of a man in brown suit and a flowery tie looking disgusted. Some pedestrians watching expressionlessly.

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Beverly instinctivly covered my d!ck with my shirt, I accelerated while Beverly buttoned up. That was a close one, what if it was Tiana? It was a foolish risk.

I managed to bury my jvhn in its briefs and zip up but as for the shirt that had come untucked I left.

After a little while when she reached again for my softening member, tried to unzip my pants I refused and held her hand.
“Tay, I love how it tastes.” She sounded like a possessed teen, possessed by with a dixk and I felt good. I almost gave into her demand.
“Beverly no.” We were few minutes away from our street.

What kind of risk is she trying to take. She kept quiet and stared out the window until we were near the house.

“You know, you ain’t so much a prude.” She said more to herself than me.
I am not in the mood to defend anything but doing that again is a no no.

I honked and waited for Uma to come open the gate. We drove in but before alighting she turned to me, looking like she had my heart in her hand.
“Tay never forget this.” Forget what? The Mouth Gig… She stared deeply into my eyes
“You will be my bitch.”
“What?’ I was amused and bewildered.
“Oh yes, you will when I have you sU-Cking on your thumb and begging for your Mama.” The door slammed and she was gone.

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