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Straight And Retound – Season 1 – Episode 6

Straight And Retound

Straight And Retound

It’s obvious this Beverly wants to ruin me. It’s better I best her at whatever she’s got up her sleeves, what do I do? I felt taps on my shoulder.

“Bros, make we see”
Of course, Stan is still here some how he seemed to have faded in the background.
We stepped out to the balcony. He had a mischievous smile plastered on his face.
“That your wife cousin na die”
I shook my head and looked away. I wasn’t having this conversation with Stan.
“I know you be married man but with that kind hot ass their is no how you…” He paused.
“What’s that?”
He had caught on. Someone was m0an!ng. Stanley was down the front porch in no time, and traced the sound to the outpost. He waved me over,

“Wayo,wayo Umaru,”
“jima’i ne mai dadi! Zan mutu”
“za ku sami ni ciki”
Uma was digging the hell out of her, her legs wrapped around his waist. Why would a woman into my house at this time? This is how people got robbed.
We moved few metres away from his window, I want him to see me catch him red-handed.
“And that girl fine..”
“Bros, as you see me so na sleep they catch me” I said.
“Ta comoot, I swear na konji, can’t you see that everywhere is sexually charged. He continued. “Na on Friday I go get my salary. But, my landlord no want exercise patience. So I wonder if you will allow me stay till Friday, as soon as I get my salary I am off.”
“No problem”
“I know you got my back, and I no forget I still dey owe u.” I was about asking him where his clothes were when Umaru’s door opened noisily. We watched the fair lady he had just finished digging come out, she walked with a slight limp, and behind her was Uma. He overtook her, unlocked the gate, and let her out. When he turned to go back to his room. He bashed into me.

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“Kai Oga, I’m sorry, I know know say you go come out” he knelt down and began apologizing.
“Since when have you been bringing women into this house?”
“Walahi, Oga today na my purst time, abeg Oga, Oga Stand-leen abeg help me beg Oga” I struggled to maintain a straight face, Stand and lean.
“You never carry woman come here before?” Stan asked.
“So why you come do am? Na Shaidan ba?”
“Why you come do am?” The poor guy was scared he might loose his job.
“Oga, abeg no sack me na Madam sister cause am.”
What De?

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There is no doubt that Beverly has been teasing me but Uma? That’s something I can’t understand.
“How do you mean?” He simply stared. Obviously regreting his confession now.
“Ha!” Stanley exclamated, crossed his arms over his chest and listened with keen interest.
“What did Beverly do to you?” I was definitely irritated but how I felt, I couldn’t place.
“Where are your things? I didn’t see you come in with any” I asked Stan.
“Bros, leave that one you no hear wetin your maygaurd talk?”
“Stan, shey we don talk finish?”
“Hmm, yea.”
*Cool, me I am off to bed, you fi manage the other room now?” I asked as we walked towards the porch.

“Yes, no whahala, and if I can’t I’ll drag the mattress out and sleep on the corridor.”
“”Tomorrow, and guy don’t try anything funny o that girl na my in-law.”
He smirked.
I walked passed him, and opened the door. I did not see Stan behind. I turned in time to see him head towards the outpost. Stanley!
“Where is Beverly?” Tiana was alone in the sitting room and focused on the TV.
“She has gone to bed.” She said and continued watching the news.

I joined her on the couch. “You and Beverly know this guy?”
“Yes, where have you been?”
“I was with Stanley outside.” I replied.
I moved closer to her, put my arms around her, she was receptive; she angled and rested her head on my chest.
“it’s awful and unimaginable what some people do. A husband tried to rape his wife’s cousin. My throat dried up all of a sudden and I began coughing.
“No, that’s not what happened, it’s a lie…”
“What do you mean? Did you watch the news?” She cut in.
“It has been on air since — I heard it last night on newsline.” I responded. I almost incriminated myself. It became awkward afterwards, I didn’t know what she heard on the news, neither did I watch the news last night. It’s best I brought up another thing before she asked me the version I heard on newsline.

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“Stanley’s landlord is disturbing him.”
“He has promised the man—-Friday, but the man keeps disturbing him, he asked to put up with us until Friday.” I concluded.
“Okay, no problem.”
I was heading into the bedroom when Beverly appeared in a navy blue top, this one a little longer and bigger than the first. But, that didn’t stop me from ogling discreetly at her rotund behind. This girl would put me in trouble if I don’t stop looking at her derriere.

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