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Straight And Retound – Season 1 – Episode 5

Straight And Retound

Straight And Retound

Stan is the cousin whose place I contemplated going to earlier. He works security in an Oil company. Unlike me who discovered the pleasures of the flesh late due to my parents restrictions, Stan didn’t, he explored and got rewarded with two kids before nineteen. He was always the one everybody, his parents warned us against.

“Ol boy this one when you come my house by this time, what’s up?”
“Abeg comoot for road,” he brushed passed me. “Na your welcome be that?” he chuckled. And climbed up the front porch, and pushed through the door.

“I dey famished gan.” He announced as soon as he stepped into the house. I cleared the dishes that I had left on the dinning and made to go have a shower.

‘Guy, I dey come make I baff.”
“Wetin Una cook? Where is Tiana?” Without waiting for an answer, he stood and made to enter the kitchen.

“Hello, Beverley.” I muttered inaudibly before realizing she was addressing Stanley.
“Hello! He made a U-turn”
“Wow! I am Stan, Taye’s cousin.” He walked towards Beverly who had walked up and was standing next to me in the corridor, they shook hands.

“Taye, what is an angel doing in the house of a sinner?”
Beverly baited her eyes at me.
“What! I asked and failed to hide my disgust at what he asked.”
“I meant a saint.” He scoffed”
“I am Tiana’s cousin, Beverly”
“Wow, you’re stunning girl.” He ogled her and kept his eyes on her extruding nipples.
“Excuse me” she freed his hand and walked into the kitchen.

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Stan and I watched her gyrating derriere disappear towards the kitchen.
“Bros! that girl no wear anything inside that gown.”

I hissed and entered my room.
I had a cold bathe and rejoined them in sitting room. Stan was having a plate of rice while Beverly had a glass of wine and sat next to him at the dinning table. I watched them trade jokes, stories and I was getting pretty pissed.

The last time Stan was here was about two or three months ago, he had borrowed some money to offset some debts and promised to pay back the next month but here he was again, obviously carrying no cash. He is probably going to ask for more money.

Beverly would turn to me at intervals and laugh harder, seemed Stanley’s jokes don’t get funny till she sees me. My face burned, but I ignored them and kept my eyes on the TV. I had the gate open, and shortly afterwards the door bell chimed.

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Tiana was home. Beverly went to the door and opened for Tiana.
‘Hello Stan, fancy seeing you.”
“Well, you look good. Obviously my cousin is been doing a great job.”
“Thanks Stan.” She chuckled.
“You are welcome”
“Honey, I have missed you so much.” She walked up to me and kissed me fully on the lips for at least twenty seconds and I didn’t like that. She dragged me up and made me follow her into the room.

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It’s sinister the way she is behaving. When did we start kissing in public? I don’t get comfortable with onlookers around and that, she is always known. Maybe, it’s time I confronted her. I sat on the bed and watched her UnCloth and step into the bathroom. Tiana is the exact image of the kind of woman I had pictured marrying; beautiful, tall, slim with not too big derriere. Someone I could wrap my arm fully around. She is more beautiful than the envisioned one though; she has long black hairs, diamond shaped face, eye brows that reminds you of a rice field when the wind blows, brown eyes, lips; full and luscious. Her legs as straight as her shoulders. I doubt if any models have as much elegance as Tiana has.
“Taye, why have you been staring at me?”
“What?” She was busy with the towel.
“I have been talking to you like for forever.”
“I’m sorry love.” I didn’t know when she came out, and stood in front of me.
“It’s just that I am grateful to have someone so beautiful in my life.”

She grimaced at what I had said, and reached for a bottle of cream.

“Cut that crap, I don’t want to hear it.” I was bewildered what is she going to say next?
“Have you eaten?”
“Yes I have.” I answered rather impatiently. She is obviously going somewhere. Hold on,have I eaten? Why had Beverley not eaten the soup or even Stanley. Where did Stanley see the rice he ate? When I checked the pots in the kitchen, I did not see any rice.
“What’s Stanley doing here?”
“I don’t honestly know I would find out later.” My mind was racing, was that why the soup was that tasty?

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“I wanted to tell you that I will be traveling to see Mummy on Friday.” She applied the cream to her face.
“Why? What’s going on?” She rubbed the cream on her long neck.
“Nothing, I just have somethings to discuss with them.” Discuss with them? Don’t they have a phone call their phone. She screwed the cap of the cream closed and kept in on the dressing table. She reached into the wardrobe and took out her maroon nightie.

My heart had started palpitating. It’s either now or never. I have to fall on my knees and apologize. She wore her nightie and, adjusted it till it was perfect on her.
“Tiana,” I muttered.
“Tiana! come quickly.” Beverly screamed from the sitting room.
“Tiana,” I fell on my knees but she had turned away from me and had headed to the door.

I was on my knees for a while; I finally mustered the strength to move to the bed.
“That fat boy na”
“Yeah? but he was not like this.”
“That’s what I am saying”
“He used play harmonica right?”
I watched Tiana and Beverly dialogue back and forth about the newscaster.

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