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Straight And Retound – Season 1 – Episode 15

Straight And Retound

Straight And Retound

He realised too late that I shouted for seeing him. It took him a few seconds to recalibrate his focus since he was staring lustfully at Beverly’s rotund bottom before he ran out of the house. Beverly never noticed she was still wincing.

The urge to humble her had decimated. This motherfycker had just caught me and my cousin-in-law romping.

Beverly heaped me down while I tried to go shut the door that Uma had left widely open in his bid to appariate. I had to point to the door, then she inconveniently sat on the couch. I tiptoed cautiously towards the door so that nobody at the balcony of the storey building opposite my house sees a Unclad man with a gleaming softening d!ck come to the entrance and close the door. I had successfully got closer and was about shutting the door when I saw Uma dock from my view behind the balustrade lining the porch. I closed the door and turned the key. At my first attempt at cheating I had been found out. What is going to happen now? I guessed he was not going to tell Tiana but what if.

Beverly was puffing on the second Buddha. This woman is beautiful. Is she prettier than Tiana? No don’t compare them my head screamed or you would never stop. But she has the softest booty I ever felt. Looking at her, I began to feel stirring again in my crotch. It’s a fact that I had been caught but what could erase it? Nothing. Any thing worth doing is worth doing well.

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Although, my mind was straying and filled with what ifs. I doubt if Uma would fuxk us. I really need to focus. I peeled the blunt off her fingers and puffed it as per her instructions. This is only the lecture she may give.

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Soon, I had only one thing on my mind; demolish.

She nibbled on my lips, bit it little while she exhaled the smoke in my mouth. I in turn would do same. My lips found its ways to her neck. I let wet kisses on her neck, ear, sU-Cked her earlobes, trailed her jaw with my tongue meandered over to her lips and a wet noisily kiss with lots of tongue carried on. My hands found their way over her boobs she adjusted and la!d flat on the couch.

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I didn’t hesitate to sU-Ck and lick her nipples. My Jvhn was rock hard and ready to go after feeling and licking the thick nipples in the middle of her big, round areolas. I pulled her to a doggy with her head and elbows resting on the couch, I positioned myself between her hips. She let out short whimpers as the head of my rooster parted her pvssy lips and slowly entered her. Then I started thrusting, pushing my rooster in and out of her steadily with an increasing tempo.

I could feel her p**sy cling to my rooster as I kept stroking in and out of her brutally, It must be the Budda, I didn’t know if I was fuvking her brains out or fuvking my brains out. When she tried to raise her head I held it down and forced her to take every pump, forcing myself into her deeper and deeper with each thrust. She was screaming, probably crying and with the door locked there was nothing to stop me from humbling her. A few more strokes and her p**sy was gushing and it was only a matter of time before I joined her. Simultaneously when she screamed and orgasmed I blew my cum. I blew it deep inside her. My brains must have gotten scrambled by the ferociousness of the humility.

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I was sweating and needed a bath, but was too exhausted.

“Did I not do justice to you.” I smirked, while I came down from the apex of the most rapturous orgasmic bliss I have ever experienced.

She didn’t respond. I asked again, tapped her, and there on the floor la!d my answer; Beverly had passed out apparently the combination of alcohol, Buddha and the intense sex was too much for her to handle. I finally had a bath but after I had managed to carry Beverly into her bedroom and covered her up.

The next morning, was a Saturday. I woke up with a throbbing headache and weird uneasy feelings about what happened last night. The yellow sun was already high up in the sky and flittering its light into my room. The wall clock read 9:33.

How do I face my wife knowing that I had fvxked her cousin? I know I must be a great actor and be as normal as possible and make sure I had all loop holes covered.

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