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Straight And Retound – Season 1 – Episode 10

Straight And Retound

Straight And Retound

I didn’t know how to feel but no I am getting a little anxious about her. I am usually the guy enslaving the ladies when we had sex, and the ladies love it. Tiana loved it when I dominated her, she loved it more when we role play master and slave or the rapist and the rapee, but with the wake of Beverly’s threat, I am really not sure about turning tables. What the hell, I am a master. I have nothing to fear. I am going to humble her if it came to that. I was already tenting a hardon thinking about what happened few minutes ago and what I’ll do to her.

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“Honey, welcome, how was work today?” Tiana said quite cheerfully, she was in a black blouse; a sweet through.
“And how are you doing? Sweetie? I said matching her cheerfulness, she reached, pecked me on the lips, collected my briefcase, and headed to the room.

Admiringly, my eyes followed before my legs did she wore a pair of tight short knickers.
“Where is Stan?”
“Stan has gone home.” I flinged my tie and shirt as soon as we were inside the bedroom. The urge to devour Beverly was unbearable, but, Tiana is a available. Like I was possessed, I grabbed her and pushed her on the bed, we struggled as I pulled off her knickers amidst her weak protests. I smacked her bare ass when I had also succeeded in removing her [email protected], she tried climbing out of the bed but I leaped over her and pinned her on the bed facing down. Her butt raised in the air and waiting for a dig, I smacked her ass, I wasn’t surprised to find her pvssy overflowing with wetness when I pummeled her hole and rammed the hell out of her like I never did, from that to doggy, to suspension, we had just moved to standing when Tiana bolted on me.

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If we were alone I would have gone to catch her. I sat on the chair with my bulging member still looking for some action. I was sweating profusely.

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“I think I was too hard on Tiana, if only it were that Beverly.” I muttered.
I heard a chuckle and I looked up to see Beverly standing at the door way. She shook her head.
“You just proved it.” She said and turned.

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