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Still Loving You – Season 1 – Episode 8

Episode 8

🔼 Amora 🔼

He kissed me more roughly and i knew he wanted me. I want him but then the pain on my stomach made me gasps.
He kissed the tip of my nose as he hugged. I felt like he wanted to say something but he didn’t know the right way and how.
wish he could tell me what was wrong.
His eyes were sad but he was forcing to put up a smile. I smiled back as I heard someone clearing his throat distracting us. It was Mr Gordon. The man who took care of me.
He is such a good doctor.
“How are you doing lady”,he said smiling at me.
“I’m fine sir…”
“Okay… you are being discharged today and I prescribed some medicines for you… please take them”
“Okay…..”,I said. I really hate medicines.
He turned to Ryan.
“I need to talk to you in my office”, he said as Ryan nodded following him. l pack all my stuffs as I got out of my ward. I hate here and smell. All I smell is medicines and I don’t know…. sickness maybe.
What’s keeping Ryan long. I’m feel dizzy and tired. Maybe I should call him.
I walked towards Mr Gordon’s office when I heard voices.
Something told me to listen but then I knew it was a bad idea and since I had no choice i place my ears on the door.
“I told your dad about your decision”,Mr Gordon said.
“And how did he react?”,Ryan asked.
“He was sad by the news but then he said he will do anything to save you even if you have to go through surgery…”
“I’m not go through surgery besides I will die anyway. I have only three months to live and these three months I will use it as my happiness….”
“Ryan but sometimes surgery helps .. You can survive …..”
“Please uncle I don’t want to hear it..”,he cut him off.
My body went numb as I walked slowly.
Ryan is going to die. This is terrible.
I was actually running away from him but then after hearing this news I want to be there for him and console him.
I only want to run away from him because he was getting under my skin and he has become like a drug to me. I can’t let him go and I’m planning to leave but now I can’t.
“Amora back to earth…”,Ryan shouted.
“What were you thinking..”
“Please tell me… ”
“I was thinking about my mom. Did tell her about what happened?”, I asked. Thank God I formed a lie or concern about Mom but that’s the only way to pretend.
“No I didn’t….”
“Thank you…”,
He moved close as he coiled my messy hair around his fingers.
“Stay with me tonight and let me take care of you”
“Ryan.. …”
“Please say yes…”
“Yes I want to spend the night with you”,I smiled at him as we entwined our fingers together.
Ryan is going to die. I still can’t believe this.
We reached home…. I mean his home. it’s was 9pm. I can’t believe the time moved fast.
When I entered his bedroom, memories of him unzipping my skirt and making fun of me pop in my head and all I could do was to
He helped me sat on his bed. His brushed my cheeks as he gave me a light kiss.
“Go and take your bath while I prepare the meal..”,he said and I nod.
I entered as I sat in the bath. it’s was warm just the way i like it. My eyes watered as I remembered Ryan. He was going to die.
Tears pour down as I cry my heart out suddenly I heard he door cracked.
“Amora. …. I was waiting for you.”,he said softly as l looked at him.
“Are you crying?”,as he moved closer.
“No….”,l lied
“Come here..”,he says holding a towel. I was naked then but I didn’t care. I walked towards him as he wrapped the towel around me.
He took me to the bedroom as I sat on the edge of the bed. My eyes down. I don’t want to look at him or else I would cry.
He cleaned my hair as he brushed it.
“You have a very beautiful hair Amora”,he says.
He went around the room as he brought the first aid box.
He unwrap the towel from my chest as my breasts was viewed to him. His breath changes.
He moved moved closer as he bandaged my belly. I just didn’t utter a word.
“You are beautiful Amora”,he said softly as his hands were on my chin.
I looked at him and one tear drop on my chin.
“Why are you crying?”,he asked softly.
“Because you are going to die and it really hurt me…”,I blurt out.
“You knew?”
“Yea… I knew. I’m so sorry Ryan but then you deserve someone better to live happily with you for these three months..”
“I want you..”,his face inches from mine.
“No…. Ryan. You can’t.. .”
“Just shut up. I want you and that’s it. Don’t dare argue or else..”
“Ryan please just Lis— ….”,he cut my tirade with a kiss as he….(let’s just say, The topic of Reproduction in biology got Experimented that Night😛)
“Please….”,l begged suddenly the door open and I saw a girl. She was blonde.
We both froze. That’s Ryan’s sis.
“Oh Gosh… I’m truly sorry bro. I shouldn’t have come here. Nice to meet you Ryan”,she smiled at me.

🔽 Ryan 🔽

She slept like a baby as I used the blanket on her.
I’m madly in love with her, so maybe I’m bias. Amora is the most perfect and wonderful girl in the entire world. And I want to make her my woman.
My chest tightens as powerful raw emotions run through me. My mind rebels at the thought of losing her.
I moved to the living room as I saw my sis…
“Hey….”,she said.
“She is pretty…”
“I know…”
“Tell me about her?”
“There is nothing to say… I love her”
“I can see that but why do you hide things from me”
“Because you were always cold towards me Nina…”
“I know… but I’m sorry”,she said but I didn’t mind.

To be continued

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