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Still Loving You – Season 1 – Episode 7

Episode 7

>>> RYAN >>>
She was in my arms with her lips slightly parted. Everyone was staring at us.
I never knew Bianca was so mean. And why hasn’t Amora tell me everything.
Is that the reason why she was backing me off.
I just don’t understand anything anymore and I’m really hurt myself for
everything happening to her.
I was so stupid to feel sorry for Bianca while the one I need to feel is her.
My Amora….
“Dude can you take her to the hospital while I talk to the principal. At least he has to know what’s happening”,l say to Kelvin.
“Okay go on…i will take care of everything”
I rushed to his office and I saw him watching television and he was really laughing.
I entered as he stared at me. I had always hated him and he knows it.
This school is actually for my dad but he has hand it to this man since his story was too pitiful. If I could remember perfectly he was nothing and he had nothing. No one knows him back then.
“What do you want young man”,he asked.
“I just want to ask that one of your student is unwell”
“Okay… I’m all ears”
“I want you to do me a favour…”
“What is it now?”,he frown.
“I know Bianca was your lover for a long time”,I say and his eyes widen.
“Oh yes I know you were always with her but I kept quiet because I thought you will change but it never came.. and when you knew Amora found out. All what you did was to plan with Catty to kill Amora to keep your dirty secret. So now to my favour. i want you to leave this school. I’m giving you 24hours or else my dad will hear everything…!”,I yelled and slam the door.
Few minutes later,
I was on my way to the main gate of the school when I saw Bianca crying.
I moved close to her as she looked at me with her red eyes.
“I’m sorry…”,as she sobs more.
“Don’t be. Actually your mom knows everything including your affair with the principal and I’m sorry but then she is so mad”,l framed her face.
“I hate you”,she whispered.
“I don’t give a damn. I now know you are really cheap but I’m not surprised”, l stood up and walk out.
Now the only person I have on my mind right now is Stephen.
I reached the hospital and I saw Stephen just walking around.
“Hey how is she?”
“She is fine and resting”
“okay… I need to pay the bills”
“I already paid since you weren’t coming. what kept you so long”
“I was just doing my thing.. you know I just fired the principal”
“I’m proud of you dude. That man has been on my nerves for a long time”
“Yea I know”
“I have to see my family doctor. i have to collect report on my health state today”
“Oh okay…”
“So later dude.. ”
I moved to the doctors office. He is my dad’s bestfriend and my uncle too.
“You are here”
“Yep.. I am”,l smiled and he smiles too.
“Trisha is here… should I call her”,he asked and I nodded.
Trisha is Mr Gordon’s daughter. Actually the girl is really funny.
we were younger she sees me she mostly ran into her room and perk through the door if I’m still there and ran again.
When I enter inside her room, she just ran and shout to stay away from her.
And now that’s we are older anytime she just cries and frame my face.
And I’m sure it will happen right now.
When she entered, I just turned around to look at her and she is really pretty.
Her cheeks were red, her eyes widen and they were teary and I knew what s going to happen.
“Hello Trisha”,I said as she moved closer to me and framed my face and starting crying loudly.
Her dad stood surprisingly staring at us.
“Why are you crying? You were so anxious to see him and now that you did you are crying”,his dad says.
“He…is….. so….. handsome”, she says through sobs as her dad and I burst out laughing. I tried to touch her and she went out.
“That’s my daughter and her way of showing that she cares”
“Yea…. I understand”.
“Erm…there is something I need to say about the report”
“Okay.. ”
“I don’t even know how to say it..”
“Please tell me…”
“You have less than three months to live”, he says and my heart pounded. I knew my heart felt the words too.
“And what’s the cure?”,I ask breathlessly.
“The only cure is transplant of your heart”
“Okay…. thanks for everything”,as l held the door knob.
“Ryan… the only way to stay longer on earth is to reduce your anger and please don’t stress over anything”
“Okay.. .”,l said. I was so stiff and I can’t believe I’m going to die.
The transplant is the worst. it’s dangerous and I don’t know if I can make it.
I wiped my eyes and I moved towards Kelvin.
“What did he say”,he asked and I told him everything and all he did was comfort me.
“Dude I have to go home. My mom is worried and l…”
“it’s okay….. go on”
I say and he pat me on my shoulder,”See ya… friend”
I just nodded as he left me. I couldn’t control my tears any more.
I walked into Amora’s ward as I saw her lying there hopelessly.
She was beautiful and pale. I took a chair and sat close to her as my head was at the edge of the bed. I cried silently trying my best not disturb her.
Suddenly I get her hands in my hair slightly massaging my scalp.
I raised my head and she was smiling.
Her thump wiped my tears as she pushed a little and pat on the bed telling me to sleep close to her.
I moved close to her as we cuddled together.
“Don’t tell me anything… just let go”,she choke out as my head was on my chest.
I cried in her chest as she comfort me more.
I will have to keep this a secret from her.
And i will make her fall for me. I do love her.
I really do but I wasn’t sure since Bianca was on my nerves
But now l really love her and she is my only happiness.
My everything.
The next morning l was awake but I couldn’t find her. She was actually in the bathroom.
I sat on the edge of the bed as I heard the door open.
“Ryan….”,she said softly.
I turned around to look at her. She smiled at me.
“Do you want tell me about it”
And I knew she was talking about last night .
“I said no..”,l shouted and she froze.
She didn’t utter a word rather moved close to her bed to rest.
Her back turned to me.
“I’m sorry…”
“it’s okay”,she whispered.
I moved to her waist as I tried to tingle her.
“it’s not going to work on me..”,she said playfully.
“Oh really”,as I tingle her more and she burst out laughing.
“Please…”,she begs as I continued and finally I kissed her.

To be Continued

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