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Still Loving You – Season 1 – Episode 12

Episode 12


🔽 Amora 🔽

I opened the door and my heart pounded when I saw My Mom and Mr Jones (Ryan’s Dad) furious…
“You foolish girl….”,as My mom slapped me on my face…
“Don’t you dare hits my wife or else you will regret this…”,Ryan defends holding me close to him..
“You think
you are on top of the world so you think it’s right to marry….”,Mr Jones said furiously.
“She is my happiness and none of you is going to destroy that…”
“Well I’m going to destroy that right now…. You are going to get a divorce”
“I’m not getting any divorce dad…”,Ryan tightens his grip on me…
“Then you have to choose between your properties and your wife…”
I looked at Ryan and he framed my face…
“I choose my lovely wife over riches or anything…”,and tears feels my eyes…
“What have you done to my daughter…”,my Mom spat out…
“I haven’t done anything to your daughter. she is just madly in love with me and all she sees is me …”,Ryan smiles at me…
“You are going to choose between me and him, Amora…”
“I choose him over you mom.. You weren’t a good mother anyway so why bother asking whom to choose…”
My mom raised her hands at me while Ryan caught her wrists.
“I told you one f–k–g hit and you are going to regret it…..”,and he pushed her hands .
“I’m really disappointed in you son…”
“I know dad and I’m not sorry for what I did…”
“okay.. .. but don’t you dare come to me for money…”
“I won’t… and I’m going to prove to you how good I will protect and take care of her without your help…”
“Get out of my sight and never return..”
“We will….”,I answered as i turn the door knob…
They followed us out…
“Ryan .. .give me my car keys…”
“okay…”,Cole handed it to his dad as another car stop in front of us… it was a white SUV…
Ryan trapped my hands as we entered the car and slowly the driver started driving…
My head was on his shoulders and he wrapped his strong hands around me ..
“I’m sorry Ryan…”
“You did nothing…”,He kisses my temple…
“I did… because of me your dad took away all your properties..”
He smiled.., ” That was his properties but my properties exceeds his …and he has no idea what I’m capable of ..”
My eyes widens and my mouth. opens…
“Close your mouth baby…or else a fly will enter…”
I closed my mouth and he laughed ..
“Don’t worry my sweet wife… With you I have everything… I love you Amora…”
“i love you too…”

🔼 Ryan 🔼

Today I have her with me.
We’re in the car on the way to the airport. She’s sitting pressed against my side, her slim arms wrapped around me and her face buried in the crook of my neck.
Cradling her with one arm, I stroke her dark hair, delighting in its silky texture. It’s long now, reaching all the way down to her narrow waist.
Inhaling, I draw in her scent—light and flowery, deliciously feminine. It’s a combination of some shampoo and her unique body chemistry, and it makes my mouth water. I want to strip her bare and follow
that scent everywhere, to explore every curve and hollow of her body.
As I remembered we just finished an experiment.
It doesn’t matter, though.
My lust for her is constant. It used to bother me, this obsessive craving, but now I’m used to it.
I’ve accepted my own madness.
She seems calm, content even. I like that.
I like to feel her cuddled against me, all soft and trusting. She knows my true nature, yet she still feels safe with me.
I have made her love me and now I won’t let her go… I love her too.
After a couple of minutes, she stirs in my arms, lifting her head to look at me.
“Where are we going?” she asks, blinking, her long black lashes sweeping up and down like fans.
She has the kind of eyes that could bring a man to his knees—soft, dark eyes that make me think of tangled sheets and naked flesh.
I force myself to focus. Those eyes turns with my concentration like nothing else.
“We’re going to my home in London,”
I say, answering her question.
“What about school?” I can hear the hopeful note in her voice.
I smiled…”We will go to school online. What do you say?”
“I liked your idea..”
She licks her lips, and my eyes follow the path of her delicate pink tongue.
I want to wrap her thick hair around my fist and force her head down to my lap, but I resist the urge.
Oh Amora… I know what you are doing.
“Am glad I’m with you” Her eyes are wide and guileless as she looks at me.
My smile broadens, and I reach over to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear.
“Me too love….”

🔼 Amora 🔼

Sitting there in Ryan’s embrace, I feel the familiar hum of excitement mixed with MartinMartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his WhatsApp group.
I am proud of how he fought for me… and I really don’t know how to thank him but I’m his forever.
Despite his heart problems, he’s still the most gorgeous guy I’ve ever seen.
I can’t tear my eyes away from him.
Raising my left hand, I gently trace the outline of his lips with my index finger. He’s got the most incredible mouth I have ever seen—a mouth made for sin.
At my touch, his beautiful lips part, and he catches the tip of my finger with his sharp white teeth, biting down on it lightly.
A tremor of arousal runs through me.
Oh God, I’m so easy when it comes to him. One look, one touch, and I want him.
I don’t care if the driver sees us but I really want him…besides the driver has earpiece in his ear and he doesn’t know what’s going on..
As that fact begins to sink in, I pull my finger away from his lips, a sudden chill feathering over my skin and cooling my desire. There’s no turning back now, no possibility of changing my mind.
I pushed myself towards him as i kissed him.
My head in his heart breathing faster.
None of us talked…
I can’t wait to be in London and be with only him alone…
To be continued

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