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Spoilt At Church – Season 1 – Episode 18


There were two weddings at Beulah, between the months of October and December, in the year the weddings took place.

The first was a societal wedding, of the children of two big wigs in the church. It attracted people from all walks of life.

The Johnsons and the Williams outdid themselves, in ensuring that their children had the kind of wedding, that would be the talk of the town for years to come.

To be candid, Kike and Jide stepped into marriage, like two sleep walkers. They were already bored of each other, and were only fulfilling the desires of their parents.

Moreso, there was no new thing to look forward to, except that both would legitimally bear the title of Mr &Mrs. Although, they could now have sex with no restriction, that has become stale with years of secret copulation.

But they went through the wedding ceremony; smiling for the camera, giving fake testimonies of chastity, and dancing like there was no tomorrow.

They had their first fight the morning after the wedding, on the day of their thanksgiving.

The fight was because, Mrs. Johnson called Jide on phone, to remind him to call the Pastor, and tell him that he met his wife a vrgin.

Jide responded by cutting the phone on her.

Well, Kike intervened, reminding him of their agreement.

Jide replied that he was tired of her mother’s manipulations, and henceforth refuse to be her puppet. He said Mrs. Johnson must be a witch, for all her evil antics.

Kike retaliated, and called her husband a fool for insulting her mother, who had all along covered his misdeeds.

The statement earned her a star-producing slap, and a red eye.

They were late for the thanksgiving service, and received tongue-lashing from Revd. Alhassan. He said marriage shouldn’t make them draw back from being fervent in the church.

The new couple sat in the front row, flanked on both sides by their parents.

In the course of same service, the banns of marriage for a wedding that would take place in the next two months, was read for the first time.

Martha and Pastor Kayode stood facing the church, as the senior Pastor proclaimed their intention to become man and wife. He said that anyone that has a reason why they shouldn’t be, should contact the church authority.

Both would eventually get married in December, in a beautiful and spirit-filled ceremony. The Pastor would prophesy into their lives, that there coming together would be a terror to the kingdom of darkness, and produce Godly seeds.

But before then, on the day of his thanksgiving, Jide looked lost.

He was scared to look up, at the same time sought for an eye contact with Martha, as she stood facing the church.

Since the incidence of years back, there had been no much, as one word between them.

Martha looked at a point above his head, into the congregation. The look said many things; that she had moved on, and that he had no hold on her.

But Pastor Kayode looked intently at him, so intent that Jide knew; that he knew. His wife to be, had told him of Jide’s complicity in her predicament of years back.

Jide felt a nauseating sensation rise from within him. An internal heat that resulted in sweat breaking out all over him.

Noticing his discomfiture, Kike fixed her palm into his for calm, but he pushed her away.

And then, he started hearing the Voice, which would not allow him rest or take a breadth. In his head, in his ears, from within, the voice would always command him on what to do.

At times it would be only him, while in some instances, he would come along with other voices. All they do is, remind him of his guilt and past.
Jide left the church, hating his wife.

He discovered they had too many differences, and would use every opportunity to castigate her. He became hostile, crirical and vindictive. He often questions if he had ever loved her, or if the love had just disappeared with the realization that they are now man and wife.

Kike never enjoyed her marriage for a day, because Jide turned out to be a m©nster. She suffered in silence, too proud to seek for help.

Though, they presented as a united and happy family to the outside world. Often in anko, they post pictures of their happy family on the social media. Kike had the good things of life, without peace.

Discovering that Marriage was not just about sex after all, Kike’s insatiable desire for sex dissapeared with the birth of her first child. She craved for love and companionship, but all she had was a sex partner. A giver, who would drop any amount needed at home, without batting an eyelid, but money cannot buy peace of mind.

Kike craved for companionship.

She often noticed him talking to himself, and God help her if she dare ask him of what he’s brooding about. He would shout and curse her entire family.

She had no inkling that Jide was fighting a demon.

©Bosede Fagbemi

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