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Spoilt At Church – Season 1 – Episode 13


Kike gained admission into the university of her choice, to study Biochemistry. Her utmost joy was in the realization that, she would have the chance to live a free and unchaperoned life.

A life devoid of parental restrictions. A life to be lived to the fullest. A life she had always dreamt of.

She would do whatever she like, go wherever she want, and shake off her shackles of bondage. She might need to sieve her clique of friends, since she will now be a “big girl.”

To her, tertiary institution meant unrestricted access to the good life. No one would force her to cook, eat, go to church, dress in a specific way, since she would be living away from home. She would have to make her own decisions.

Her parents gave the usual advise before she left home, and listed additional rules to be obeyed. Reminding her of what had happened before, they made her promise she wouldn’t dissapoint them again, and soil the family name.

On her own, Mrs. Johnson reminded her of the agreement between her and Jide. Drawing her ear she said, “Ai moko omo, ka tun male re. You must remain true to Jide.”

“I will ma,” Kike responded.

“And never must you allow what happened before, to happen again. You must do all in your power, to ensure you remain qualified for a white wedding.”

“I will ma.”

Just after the abortion episode, Kike had realized the development of a stronger desire to satisfy the flesh, but she was scared of getting pregnant again. Therefore, she resulted to the use of contraceptives.

There were times she wished, that things had turned out differently. Maybe her life wouldn’t be the way it is, if her mother was loving and attentive. If her father was firm and outspoken. If God, and not religious doctrines and philosophies, was allowed to rule her home.

Settling in the campus wasn’t easy, with the registration, orientation, and lectures and other activities taking their toll on her.

Kike realized she had no grooming for an independent life, and she suffered.

But she soon found her feet, and began living the life she wanted.

Ditching her conservative wears, Kike opted for trendy clothes that were in vogue; topless, bottomless and see- throughs.

She seldom attended fellowship, and pitched her tent with the “happening babes” on campus.

Like a bird freed from a cage, she flapped her wings, and flew far beyond her boundary.

Kike needed a man to continue servicing her in school. A man who would not make her feel the absence of Jide; who was serving his father land in Calabar. Calabar is a city of about 720 kilometers to Jos, where she was schooling. She decided to seek for an alternative.

With an insatiable urge for sex, she became indiscriminate in her choices of men, and went for anything in trousers.

And who would tell her parents? Her school was a little distanced from Kaduna, where her parents lived.
Not too far for parents to visit their kid, someone would say. Mr. & Mrs. Johnson, were content to put her under the care of a guardian, a supposed Christian they met at a denominational conference. In no time, he became another sexual partner to Kike. Albeit to say, that he would always give false reports of her good conducts, and disciplined lifestyle to her parents.

But in one way or the other, Jide got to know about her activities. He visited without prior notice, and discovered that she was co-habiting with a student staying off campus, a habit that has eaten deep into the fabrics of many undergraduates.

If a good number of parents would know what their children and wards do behind them, especially in tertiary institutions, they would shed hot and bitter tears.

A significant percentage of students would be single at home, and act married in school; living with sexual partners. It will take the grace of God, for such not to lose focus.

Nevertheless, there are always remnants that wouldn’t defile themselves, like Daniel and Joseph in the foreign land.

They don’t get carried away, like ‘Dinah’, by going out to watch ‘the ladies of the land.’

Those remnants wouldn’t feed fat on the delicacies of babylon, knowing it has the ability to weaken, and cause spiritual insensitivity and apathy.

They wouldn’t dare Potiphar’s wife, since they know she’s a fire that could burn, and rob them of their glorious future.

They are focused, Godly and reliable. Even while on campus, they gladly combine their academic activities with Kingdom business.

Jide saw Kike’s actions, as an opportunity to pull out from the planned future pact, but Kike was also ready for him.

Unknowingly, she had a contact monitoring him where he was serving. The contact gave her blow to blow account of his frolicking with different ladies.

The disagreement that ensued as a result of the discoveries, could best be imagined. It became glaring that any future marriage between them would be a disaster.

An human angel, saved Martha from commiting su1cide.

Just as she was about severing the radial artery, that would make life drain out of her via bright red blood, a knock sounded on the door.

© Bosede Fagbemi

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