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Special Night With Michael – Season 1 – Episode 5 [Completed]

Episode 5

It was large and golden, with a stubby end hooked to a grilling stick. He gradually inserted the object till it was completely inside of me. My pussy had never been stretched before, and I writhed in anguish. My vaginal throbbed in pain because it was so big and deep. My hips were trembling and softly wailing in pain. I couldn’t get myself to stop moaning. Michael was on top of me once more, but the nasty corn was still stuck within me. While his hands worked on my breasts, he kissed my mouth, muffled my moans. He took out a rolling pin and repeatedly tried to flatten my breasts.

Then I started crying, and tears streamed down my cheeks without my permission.

“Dear… sweet…” says the narrator. His voice was worried, and I felt my pussy relax as he carefully pulled the thing out.

“Raph… Nooo…” says Michael.

“Excuse me, I was just trying to make you happy…” And he tickled and massaged my tender feminine flesh below.

“Michael…” says the narrator.

“Sweet?” says the narrator.

“Return it…hon”

“Wait, what?”

“Please… Please… Please… Please….

The anguish gradually returned, and I writhed and groaned. I felt the rough, pebbled texture inside me softly rise and fall. Then it started to pick up a little speed. I was planning to hemorrhage my pussy.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, Michael, it’s a pain… Oh, my…”

Then it got quicker and quicker, but not as rapidly as his own organ, for if it did, poor pussy would be shattered to bits. The grain then fell silent again, but something else hard had entered my body. Michael has shoved the handle of a laddle into my anus.

“Oh Michael… you scumbag…”

He kissed me and then moved the corn up and down, speeding up its movement while a weird pressure built up inside my asshole.

Then they left me, the laddle first, then the corn, and because I was sore, I couldn’t or wouldn’t protest. My head was spinning, and the pain in my pussy was excruciating. I was sluggish and exhausted, yet I groaned with pleasure as his tongue brushed across my body.

He licked my pussy as if it were a savage animal’s wound. Then, with my legs over his shoulders, he rode me again, and I reveled in the sensation of him being inside me. He wasn’t golden grain, but he was Michael, and he was my Michael.

I felt transported away and then laid down on lovely, cool sheets. To both my chagrin and delight, he entered me once more. He didn’t go anywhere. His dick grew bigger and smaller inside me, sometimes jerking with life, as he put his arms around me, my chest against his. In my whole life, I have never felt more abused and beloved.

“I went over your diary… I just want to make Vicky happy.” I was creeped out by the way he said it, but I was just as crazy for him as he was for me. “My dear, I adore you.” His dick wriggled inside me as he pressed his thighs farther into mine.

“I love you Vicky,” he murmured almost inaudibly.

In response, my nipples stiffened.

I tried to tell him I loved him more, but I couldn’t talk because I was too weak. All I heard was a quiet hiss, I thought.

The End

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