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Special Night With Michael – Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode 4

He rolled over and shifted his weight to face me. His dark brown eyes were seductive. I fell in love with him because he was full of life, lively and strong, and possessed a danger that he didn’t seem to recognize in himself. “Tell me about tonight,” she says.

I returned his gaze, which was soft and clear. He appeared to be quite focused. “Tonight is the best night… so far,” says the narrator, “because who knows what you’ll come up with tomorrow.”

He kissed me on the lips. His lips alone electrified me! “Are you still up for it? Because I’m going to start serving the main course.”

My muscles spasmed as a result of his words and voice.

“You were the one who got us to the desert first!”

“No, no, no. That was only the beginning. Please wait in this area.”

I lay on the table, one hand twirling a nipple, staring at the ceiling, wondering how we could possibly share dinner with his family or mine in this table again and still keep a straight face, wondering if fucking could possibly get any better than this… wondering if I awoke this wild side of him and then ended up feeling like the serpent again.

He was suddenly on top of me, kissing my eyes and nose and licking my ears while mumbling something in Italian I couldn’t understand.

I felt aware of his organ resting on my abdomen as it grew stiffer and harder. I raised and danced my waist in circles to rub my skin against his hardness. Then I felt his tip budge the entrance of my cave but as he inched just a little inside, he thrust his fully-engorged organ so suddenly that my vision went momentarily dark. He moaned, I wailed. He went about doing it a little longer, retreating and then sharply thrusting his hardness again. It was new to me and I was scared about its being alien… yet when I looked at my tamer, it was still the same man I loved so much and will love forever.

He resumed the accustomed fast pace as he was nearer to coming, and when he did erupt, it was a nuclear bomb.

After we caught our breaths, he helped me sit up at the edge of the table, this time putting my legs up with knees bent and thighs apart. He then stepped back into a counter with vegetables and went back holding an eggplant.

“May I?”

I panicked a little. Something about what he was proposing to do upset me but I was also feeling so perverted. And I knew this was important for him too. After all, I was his sex slave tonight. So I just bit my lower lip in reply, threw my head back and even further spread my legs apart.

The eggplant felt good but it could not go so fast. The cucumber was great. It had a rough texture that rubbed against my thighs and inner flesh that felt so pleasurably fine. Both vegetables stretched my vagina wider than it ever had and the unexercised membranes felt like they were about to be torn. But it did not prepare me for the corn.

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