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Special Night With Michael – Season 1 – Episode 3

Episode 3

At this time he was quickly on top of me, licking my hard tits with his tongue. He shoved as much of my breast into his mouth as he could and sucked them dry. From one to the other, he lingered on the nipples, sucking and fondling them.

His face was smeared with icing, some of which adhered to his hair, and I felt he was more attractive than I had ever seen him. The entire time, I was laughing, giggling, pleading, and moaning.

I was a good sport and let him do his thing on me.

He licked practically all of my upper body clean before moving on to my genitalia. He stroked my organ with slow, delicate strokes after putting more icing on his palm. He crawled on top of me, kissed my lips, and assisted me in sitting up. Then he pressed a tube into my palms and placed it over his engorged organ casually. It knocked me off my feet.

I made him lean on the edge of the table while I massaged his hard penis with the cool, sticky icing. I squeezed his balls and he threw his head back. “Naughty. Very naughty.”

Then I spiraled his dick and excitedly moved my hand over and over the shaft, going from the tip to the base, retracting back some skin. I was so consumed with lewdness that I was gripping more than I should and I can tell from his moan the he was enjoying the pain. Then I swooped down to eat his fat, hard dick. I sucked it like a lollipop and did my blow job with so much energy.

When no sweet icing was left on his male hardness, he rubbed some icing on it again but this time, we exchanged positions. I leaned on the table’s edge and just as he was guiding his frosted organ to enter me, I sat myself on the table and spread my legs as much as I can. He laughed and shook his head and shot me eyes that were consumed with burning fire. I have never seen him that way before.

It must have been the consistency of the icing or my own copious juices but as he pounded me again, there was a funny squishing sound. It was weird at first but I decided that I liked it. I chuckled with amusement and we looked at each other lovingly and shared a wet kiss before he resumed his mighty pace.

“Oh Michael… Oh…” I could feel the insides of my organ sticking to his dick because of the icing. As he moved up and down, the soft flesh would cling and it produced a pleasurable stinging, painful sensation.

He exploded like fireworks inside me and I let out a loud, “Ooooohhh!” He was still inside me as we shared kisses, as he once more stuffed my breast into his warm mouth.

We lay at the table, my head on his chest, his hands tracing the length of my sides, catching our breaths. “You are so wonderful tonight sweetheart,” I said while running lines over his chest with my fingers.

“Like I’ve never been?”

“You’ve always been fantastic.”

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