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Special Night With Michael – Season 1 – Episode 2

Episode 2

His sure hands found their way to unhook my bra and I soon felt my pebble-hard nipples rubbing against his firm chest. I slip my hand into his ass and caressed its plumpness and smoothness. Soon his tongue was on my sternum, sliding down to my navel while his hands also slid down to my hips where he grabbed my panty. He went farther down, pulling my last piece of covering to the floor and then planting kisses on my hairy female organ in adoration.

He positioned me to sit on his kitchen table and spread my legs apart. He dragged a stool at sat right in front of my exposed vagina. Just the way he looked at it, or even just the way he looked, sent shivers down my spine. A wild current went rushing inside my body, exiting through my pussy as a river of fluids.

“Michael…” I spread my legs even wider, kicked my dangling legs in the air, threw my head back and rested my weight against my palms. Instead of warmth and moist, I sensed something cold and soft between and inside me. When I looked, I saw Raph squeezing a tube of white icing between my thighs.

It was crazy and wild, as what I was becoming.

He soon buried his face in his work, sucking at my private parts, licking the sweet icing off. I was wild with pleasure and I could not hold my hips still. My upper body collapsed on the table and I spread my legs even wider. His tongue fondled my clit and even twirled around and inside my vagina. His mouth sipped my organ fluids as his fingers slithered to my boobs and did a damn good squeezing. Pleasure erupted from various sensual points of my body and all I can do was helplessly moan and squirm.

His lips were back on mine in no time, and I eagerly kissed him back, gorging on leftover icing and even my own fluids. He helped me sit up by lifting my head, and then told me to lie down at the table’s full length. Again he began to cover me in icings, kissing various places of my body every now and then. I controlled my wilder side and let him take his own path. I was so juicy between my thighs after the chilly icing on my tits.

He said, “You didn’t tell me…”

As pleasure tortured my senses, my breathing became ragged.

“Tell you what?” says the narrator. To keep from groaning and writhing, I bit on my bottom lip.

“That you needed me to satisfy your wild appetite.”

I could not concentrate on what he was saying. I just loved the cold on my breasts. “Fuck me Michael. Fuck me hard.”

“Like I never had.” He bent down to my ear and told me I had to get up. He took my hand again and looked at me so crazily that I wanted to fall down right on the floor and splay my legs as wide as possible. But I knew he was the game master tonight and I will be his play thing.

In the bright light we both stood before a full-body mirror and I wanted to eat up myself with what I saw. It seemed that I wore a red tube top with ruffles and layers and flowers and a red net of icing panty at the bottom. When I was finished looking at myself in admiration, I turned to his reflection in the mirror.

He had a proud grin on his face… until I noticed his hand was occupied with his erect penis. In the glass, I gave him a naughty grin, and he smiled back, his free hand massaging my bare ass. He stroked my back, traced my spine, and pushed me forward with a little touch. I felt bad as my breasts dangled from the icing top, but I was quickly lost in the wonderful sensation of him entering me from behind. He always started out slowly, then picked up speed, going harder, deeper, and louder. I studied my mirror, which was distorted in anguish and pleasure, with pendulous breasts moving madly.

As he forcefully shook me and hammered on my pussy with a pestle as he did with his plants, icing fell to the floor, some shooting into the air.

Then I was engulfed in his embrace, both of our front bodies caked in icing. He shoved me against a wall and devoured me from head to toe. I instinctively put my legs around his waist as he clumsily hauled me up. He walked slowly and shakily back to the kitchen table, where he sat me down.

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