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Spark – Episode 8

I flew out of the building and I saw robotic components scattered on the ground. I flew down and I saw the head of mum detached from a robotic body. So I was fooled, mum was not alive, this was a robot all along. I bent down and just stared at the destroyed robotic parts. Someone tapped me on my shoulder, I turned to see who it was. She wore a fitted black overall that showed her massive curves and endowment.

“Belinda” I said as I stood up and gazed at her.

“Mark” she replied.

“What are you….”

“Your mum is still alive, this is one of the mini aftrollers” she replied not allowing me to finish my statement. My face got bright hearing mum is still alive.

“Who are you and how did you know all this” I questioned with a Stern look.

“My name isn’t Belinda but Stella. I am an undercover agent for a secret organization which I refuse to disclose. You are my first mission”

“How am I your first mission I mean how am I your mission” I asked

“I believe you know the Aftroller” she asked and I nodded in response

“There are a lot of mini Aftrollers assigned to different parts of Africa. Your mum has been the one powering it. All the massive riots going on in even the safest places of individual nations of Africa is as a result of the mini Aftrollers.”

“But why is the American government doing this’ I asked with narrow eyes.

“They want the whole of Africa to give up their Independence as a result of their inability to govern their nations. And they are doing it through compellation and violence. They want all of African resources to be theirs and they want to enslave all Africans. They want to create a new continent which will be under their control. In short they want to be the most powerful country in the world.”

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I was totally shocked.

“That greed for power is unbelievable” I spoke out.

“And also I saved your dad before the car exploded” she said with a little grin.

“How where is he now?” I asked with a happy face.

“Let’s say I was stalking you. He is in U.C.H receiving treatment. And also your aunt”

“Wow thank you” I said grinning from ear to ear and didn’t even know when I hugged her.

“You are welcome” she said and patted me on the back.

“Thou shall destroy any hinderance to Aftroller” the robotic head suddenly said which scared the daylight out of me.

The disassembled robotic parts suddenly started coming together. It started assembling itself from his legs up to it’s hands and lastly took it’s head and attached it to it’s neck. It’s eyes colour changed to red and looked at us.

“Follow now or I take you by force” it said rising above the ground with his nitro powered robotic legs.

“Should we run” I asked Belinda I mean Stella but got no response. I looked to my side and she was gone.

“Sly” I mumbled

Ok let’s rock” I said pointing my index finger to the robot and used my kinesis to detach it’s left hand.

“Oops my bad” I said with an evil smirk.

The detached arm flew back to it with nitro powered from it’s robotic palms.

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“I warned you” it said with a thick robotic voice. It brought out both palms and blasted me. The blast sent me crashing to a black Jeep.

“Aaargh” ” You just crossed the limits” I said and threw the Jeep to it which in return it tore the Jeep into two with his laser eyes. It flew towards me and grabbed me by my neck. I sparked the hand gripping my neck and held it’s head and sent high bolts of electricity to it. I detached the head and burnt it. Hoping the rest of the body will crash down but I was wrong it was still ready to continue the fight. It uses it’s legs to hit me on my abdomen and used it’s other leg to kick my chin upwards. I became dizzy from the blows it was landing on me with out mercy.

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“Mark you are stupid, it has electricity running through every part of it’s body and you haven’t yet destroyed it.” I mumbled cleaning my mouth stained with blood.

Long range battle must be this idiot weakness.

I quickly flew up but it gripped my legs and smashed me on the ground but I powered my hands with electricity stopping me from landing forcefully on the ground. I quickly used my hands to fly my self up then changed position mid air flying up with both legs and hands powered with electricity. I flew to the top of a tall white building. The headless robot followed. Before it got close I used my kinesis to detach both legs which sent it crashing to the ground. I squeezed my palms which in return squeezed the robotic legs deforming it. I threw it in the air and sent electricity to it which burnt it. The headless robot rised again with it’s nitro powered hands and aimed for my face. I squeezed the hands with just clenched fist and Brought it closer to me. I touched the upper body with my finger and sent electricity to it which in turn paralyzed the whole system. I threw it away and burnt it.

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I heard an incoming powerbike sound. I looked to the back and I Saw Belinda riding toward me.

“Sly” I said to her as she parked beside me.

“Will you hop in” she replied handing me an helmet. I collected it grudgingly and sat down.

“Where are we going to” I asked as she started the bike.

“To Washington”

“To do what”

“To infiltrate Aftroller tower”


“Dumbass, to disconnect all mini Aftrollers powered by your mum”

“But why is my powers needed if they are already making use of mum’s own” I asked. She stopped the bike in front of an abandoned warehouse.

“Because she can only power the mini Aftrollers. Yours are needed to power the main Aftroller which will make the whole of Africa bow before America.”

” Oh now I get”. I said as I alighted front the bike and removed the helmet from my head. She made a call and the garage door to the warehouse opened.

An average height guy, dark in complexion, he had a low cut and wore a blue Quadro jeans with a long sleeve red top. He walked out of the garage and hugged Belinda…I mean Stella….I am just not used to calling her Stella.

“Mark right?” He said turning to my direction and offering me a handshake.

“Yeah” I replied accepting the handshake

“I am Victor” he said as we disengaged hands.

“Enough with the introduction we don’t have time to waste” Stella spoke out and went in……..

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