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Spark – Episode 7

The electricity went to her brain and triggered it. I watched as she slowly opened her eyes glancing around. She kept glancing around until she saw me.

“Who are you” she asked

“I am Mark your son” I replied almost breaking down into tears. Finally I have mom by my side. I still have a family. She had a broad smile on her face.

“Stop kidding boy” she said removing her hands from mine as I made an attempt to hold her hands.

“I don’t yet have a son, I am still carrying him” she said as she made to look at her stomach. I saw a suprised look on her face as she looked at her face.

“What happened to my pregnancy” she asked with a worried and confused look. I just remembered that we are still in danger as they would have known about my escape.

“Mom we have to get out of here” I said as I removed all the wires attached to her body.

“Why do you keep calling me mom?”

“I will explain later, first we have to get out of here” I replied raising her up and putting her hand around my neck to assist her up.

“Why, how did I even get here?”

“You ask too many questions mom, I told you I will explain later” I replied getting a little bit angry. D–n she is too stubborn just like dad. They really fitted each other. Fortunately mom could walk on her own, seems having electric powers helps your healing factors. I locked the door to the room and went to check the window to know the floor we were on if it’s needed we fly. Yep seems we were on the third or fourth door. I broke the window. I sent electricity to all the metal parts of the door. My mum seems to bemused by all what I was doing especially the part where I used my powers.

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“Mum you can also do it” I said as I brought out electricity from my hand to illustrate what I meant.

She laughed real hard but stopped when she saw my dead serious face.

“You mean I can do that” she said pointing to my hand and trying to suppress her erupting laughter.

“Yes you can. Just believe and try it”

She didn’t believe.

“Mum we don’t have all day” I said with a scowl on my face. Suddenly bullets went through the door. I Brought my mum dad and pushed over the metal frame of the bed for us to hide behind.

“I think I will have to hold you and fly myself.” I said and dragged her hand and we bent low and moved towards the window.

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We stood on the frame of the window and mum said ” are you sure about this as she looked at how far the ground was”

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“Common I hope you are not thinking we are going to jump” I asked with a what the heck look. Before she could reply I held her close to me and we jumped. She screamed as we went down, as we were about to land on the ground I brought out large bolts of electricity which stopped us from landing forcefully on the ground and levelled us mid air.

“Hold on tight” I told her as she wrapped the whole length of her two hands around me giving me the opportunity of powering my second hand with electricity. I flew up with a high velocity and mum still kept screaming like a child. I thought of flying to the airport but I don’t have money to buy tickets and also I will be recognized there and attract the attention of the wrong guys. A missile flew past us almost hitting us which snapped me out of

my thoughts. I looked to the direction where the missile came from. I saw three helicopters aligned and loaded with heavy artilleries. The guys in the helicopters were also carrying guns and they all aimed at us. These guys mean business

“Surrender now” a man wearing dark shades and holding a bazooka said from a large megaphone.


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“I think we shouldsurrender ” my mum said looking up to me and looking at the opposition.

“We can’t mom try to understand”

“Understand what you haven’t even explained anything” she snapped back with a squeezed face. Yea she was right I had not explained anything to her. This is war…..bring it on.

I controlled one of the helicopters and sent it crashing to the ground which exploded on contact with the ground. I blasted the engine of the second helicopter which kept turning as it crashed to the ground and exploded as it landed. It remained one. They started shooting sporadically, I flew up with Mom and evaded the incoming bullets and I controlled the helicopter and turned it upsided down emptying the guys there making them all fall to their death. D–n it was like a battle ground and also a gory scene. Suddenly someone from I don’t know where shot my mom on her hand and made her loose grip as she left me falling from a very tall height. I went in pursuit as I was getting closer I got hit by a missile which sent me to the opposite direction sending me crashing to the concrete walls of a building. I quickly flew out of the building and i saw…….

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