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Spark – Episode 4

“I can’t give you my phone dad” I replied clinging to the pocket where my phone was. “Ok then we use my phone” he said bringing out his phone from the pocket of his white lab coat. “Better” I lowly said.

“I will put my phone on the table and let’s see if u lifi it up” dad said. “Concentrate as this is yout first time and it may not happen just at once”

“Alright, let’s do this” I said pointing my index finger towards the phone and focusing my mind on lifting the phone. Slowly and shockingly the phone slowly rised and follow my index finger as I moved it up and down.

“Yes yes it worked” my dad screamed like he won a visa lottery. I dropped it down gently to the table. “Let’s advance” he said with a smirk.

I already knew where he was going.

“Common dad you are heavy I can’t raise you. Let’s try aunt Mary” I said with pleading eyes. “Alright go call her”


I went to the sitting room to get Aunt Mary and saw her sitting on the couch watching TV.

“Auntie your attention is needed in the lab” I said not paying attention to what ever that was being shown on the Tv. She turned back with a horrible scowl. “What’s wrong” I asked a little bit scared.

“What’s that” she asked pointing her finger towards the TV.

My jaw dropped at what I saw. Electroboy video goes viral on all social media handles, and a video of the fight between me and those drunk guys was displayed. D–n the news has carried it. My dad is surely gonna disown me for this. I am putting my self and him into trouble. “Iii….I cannn…..I can explain Aunt” I stammered.

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“Start explaining” she said with a scornful look.

I explained everything to her but she wasn’t satisfied with my explanation. “I gotta tell Mr Scott” she said immediately running past me. I quickly followed……..

“Start packing your bags we have to leave” dad said heading to his bedroom. I quickly heeded and also ran to my room. That went easier than I thought. My dad is the kind that does not dwell on the mistakes of the past but quickly finds a solution to the mistakes made. That’s how scientists think. In less than 30 minutes we were done with packing. We went to a large black van my dad never made use of. It seems like he had prepared for days like this. We got into the van. My dad was the one driving. We drove out of the estate and my dad stepped on the turtle increasing the velocity of the van. I was unaware of where we heading to but chose not to ask as it was my mistake that put us in this situation.

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The van went summersaulting as a vehicle hit us from the side. The static van laid on his roof, windscreens shattered, tyres torn and my dad who was at the side where we got hit was unconscious with blood trickling out of his forehead which had a deep cut from pieces of glass which pierced it cutting deep into his flesh leaving a gory sight. My aunt was also unconscious who had sat at the front seat, her forehead unscratched but dirty and a little bit smeared black, blood gushing out from her mouth and a piece of glass stuck in her right arm which caused a vast amount of haemorrhage. I was the least affected as I sat at the farthest back seat with my seat belt strapped on my chest.

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I unbuckled the seat belt and struggled to the side door. I stepped on a glass piercing my knee cap and causing me severe pain. I removed the glass gently and tore a part of my cotton shirt to cover the wound to prevent further blood loss. I managed to get out through the side door which I found very difficult to slide open. I crawled out of the car and managed to rise to my feet so as to save dad and Aunt Mary. As I made for the door I had an in coming vehicle sound. I looked back to see who it was maybe I could stop them to help me to rescue dad and take them to the hospital. As the vehicle got close I saw the front damaged like it was an accidental car, Black Toyota venza 2016 model. Shit this was the car that hit us.

The vehicle stopped Few metrs away and men in Black overall with shades came down from all four sides of the car. They were white people.

“The American government” I mumbled. I charged my hands with electricity and ran towards them with burning rage and threw balls of electricity at them. They skillful dodged all and brought out their guns.

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“Don’t kill him, we need him alive” one guy shouted. Immediately they returned their guns and brought out tranquilizer guns. I jumped up and smash the ground with large bouts of electricity sending it towards their direction. It didn’t affect them.

“How come” I mumbled with a confused facial expression.

They read my facial expressions and they all raised up their boots in unison exposing the sole which was covered with thick rubber which acted as an insulator to the electricity. They all made an evil smirk feeling good. I ain’t going down easily. I threw larger balls of electricity like chidori( Naruto fans can relate) toward them.

“Now is our turn” the assumed leader said as they cocked their guns. They started shooting tranquilizers at me. Shit I am gullible I realized there wasn’t object to hide behind. A tranquilizer hit me as I turned my back to run towards the van. I stopped hi and struggled to take simple but heavy steps forward. My eyes felt heavy and i felt my whole nervous system brewing down as I fell on my knees. I struggled to raise stand up. But the more I struggled the weaker I got. Suddenly the van exploded and I got hit by the wave which sent me flying to the opposite direction then black……..

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