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Spark – Episode 2

The drunk guy with the phone turned the camera of the phone towards my direction like he was expecting some action from me. The one with the unbelted trousers stood up from between Belinda’s legs and staggered his way towards me. “Wetin you want” he spoke out with his breath stinking of alcohol mixed with his own terrible mouth odour. With The 16 years I have spent in Nigeria I understood pidgin English well but I ain’t fluent when saying it. ” I want you to tell your other guy there to leave the girl alone” I said pointing my index finger towards the direction of the other guy still holding down Belinda. I could see on Belinda’s face happiness and also shame. He laughed out after he processed my statement which took him a while. “Wetin you go do if we no free am” he asked immediately holding the collar of my shirt. “You don’t want to find out” I replied with an evil smirk and a clenched fist. “I wan find out” he bluttered out pushing me to the ground. The dude quickly reached for an empty bottle of trophy and he broke it on the ground. “Oya I say I wan find out” he shouted swinging his hand holding the broken bottle. I stood up and striked a fight pose raising my index finger gesturing him to come. He ran towards me with the intent of using the sharp edges of the broken bottle to Pierce my lower abdomen. I quickly grabbed his arm, kicked the bottle out of his hand and twisted his wrist. I brought him to the ground and landed several heavy punches on to his ugly face Making sure I broke his nose. I went down to the ground as his surbodinate the one that held Belinda, knocked me down with an empty bottle. I fell flat and started seeing double. Blood trickled from the back of my head as I laid in my pool of blood. “Noo…..wake up mark!!!!” I heard Belinda who was already tied up shout as I slowly closed my eyes. “Wasted sperm, they no born his mama well make him try us again” the guy said as he kicked my legs. Immediately I heard mum I knew I had to teach these guys a lesson that will send them knocking at hells gate. I managed to touch the left side of my chest where my heart was and sent a spark of electricity through my finger to trigger me up. “Hey drop her” I shouted standing up talking to the one carrying the already bundled Belinda. “U Neva learn abi”

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“I said drop the girl” I said charging my clenched fists with electricity. “Ehn wetin be that one, u want dey scare us with tona tona bulbs abi” the guy holding Belinda said. The free one walked towards me and was about to give a punch but I bent low dodging it and wrapped my palms around his g—n sending a high voltage of electricity frying his testicles. The other guy holding Belinda immediately threw to the floor and wanted to run but I sent a ball of electricity to his head knocking him out. I went to his body and wrapped my two palms around his bald head and sent electricity to it making sure I burnt his brains till the extent that his head caught fire. I looked towards Belinda and saw fear in her eyes. I moved towards her and she shifted back tossing her legs on the ground. “Whhaaa what are you” she asked increasing the distance between us. “Shit” I cursed under as I just realized I used my powers out of anger. I heard running footsteps and immediately sighted the other guy who was holding the phone running away with full speed. I was less bothered about that but was thinking about what to tell Belinda. I tried receding the distance between Belinda and I but she said “don’t come close”

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“I am not a bad guy, am infact the one that saved you from the bad guys” I said. “But how were you able to do that?” She asked trying to unloosed the rope that bundled her. “Can I first untie you” I asked. I untied her and looked at her from head to toe. She was indeed looking seductive. “So start explaining” she spoke out as she caught me scanning her curvy body but didn’t seem angry with it.

“How did you find yourself in such a situation” I quickly asked trying to avoid her question. “Question for question” she said with a Stern look.

“It’s a long story”

“Make it short” she snapped back. “Aren’t you going to at least thank me for saving your ass” hoping that would change the topic. “Fine thanks for your help”………………………

The next morning

I woke up early and freshened up. I was about to leave the house when aunt Mary called me. “Where were you last night” she asked standing akimbo. “uhhm I had a sleep over at Gabriel’s place” I stammered scratching my head. “Hmmmm, anyways your dad said you should come home early today” she said as she turned her back to head back to the kitchen. ” What for” I asked with a squeezed face. “Go ask him”. “D–n show spoiler” I cursed under my breath. I had plans on making a move on asking Belinda out. But I feared her leaking my secret. I could have just zapped her head the other night to make her have a memory loss but I chose to trust her instead.

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I called Gabriel but he didn’t pick. Probably still having a hangover over yesterday’s drink. Well I decided to trek to the gate then take a cab to school. As I got out of the gate of the estate all passers by gazes were on me. “Electro boy” I started hearing up and down with different people I didn’t know waving at me with large grins of smile on their faces.

“Elecrtro come and hug our transformer…….nepa boy come and charge my phone please………light boy wey u dey since na……” Those were what I was hearing as I walked pass different households. I was still confused as to what was happening until I got to school and different students were hailing me up and down. ”

What’s going on” I murmured to myself hoping Belinda didn’t tell anyone. I sighted a crowd of students focusing their eyes on the phone screen of a guy who sat in the middle of the crowd. I decided to mix with the crowd and behold what I saw aost gave me a heart attack……..

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