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Spark – Episode 12

”Yea it doesn’t affect us because the electric currents surrounding our whole nervous system prevents every strange electro magnetic wave from disrupting our brain.” She replied charging her hands with electricity and levelled herself above the ground.

That explains why I haven’t been able to use electrokinesis with my mind. I charged my hands also with electricity and flew to mum.

” So where are we going? ”

I asked looking from a bird view at the destruction the citizens did to their own selves. I sighted a group of people chanting some words repeatedly but I couldn’t understand because they were saying it French. Some were beating drums, some were holding cardboard of different colours above their head with different texts written on them.

”We are going to the Aftroller next location which is Ghana ” she replied.

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” Wait I thought the Aftroller works all over Africa at once?” I asked with arched eyebrows.

”No it doesn’t. It works at once for a whole country then the company Carry’s it to the next desired country. But it uses just less than five minutes to control a whole country no matter how large the country maybe so i am sure they would have dealt with Togo and Benin already. So their next target is Ghana”

” So mum how do we get there?” I asked.

” We fly there” she replied immediately charging her two legs with very large bolts of electricity.

”No come on mum we can’t fly all the way to Ghana” I asked with a little smirk

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”Join me” she said and flew off with very high speed that I never ever imagined exist.

”Great how am I going to catch up?” I mumbled

I charged my legs also with electricity and flew in pursuit.

I flew for almost an hour before I got to Accra capital of Ghana. Geez I was totally exhausted and hungry. I quickly landed on the ground behind a tall building so as not to attract attention since everyone in the market were still in their correct sense.

I wonder where I will find mom bayi. Immediately I heard a loud helicopter sound I looked up and saw the under insribed with Andrews. That’s my lead. The helicopter was heading towards an open rice field in a remote village which I don’t know the name of. The helicopter was very large surely carrying the Aftroller. I followed silently. I hid behind a small barn located at the edge of the large rice field. It landed then the blades stopped moving.

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An elderly man who I recognized to be Mr Andrew came out first then Stella came out. D–n she is still captivating with her looks. Someone tapped me from the back, I quickly charged my fist with electricity and was about to turn and give the person a spark punch but I saw mum face.

”I was looking for you” I whispered

”Well you took long so I went to an eatery to have lunch” she whispered back.

”Hope you brought mine ”

”Sure” she whispered with a grin. She handed over a white nylon containing a take away pack……..

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