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Something Called Love – Season 1 Episode 9

Episode Nine


I was forced to close early from work because I could no longer concentrate. I wasn’t worried she could tell Larry what I did, I was certain she wouldn’t tell him because Larry would question why she came visiting in the first place.

But I was dead worried about how she view me now. The last thing I wanted was she hating me when I was busy loving her.


I lost my appetite and I just kept pacing from my sitting room to my room, I was tempted to call her, but she might not pick the call. I picked my small phone and placed a call through to her, hiding my number again, I only wanted to hear her voice.

She had been ignoring the call for some time now because I do not speak whenever she picks. Luckily for me, she picked the call, but what I heard wasn’t the usual soothing voice, it was that of an angry lady looking for who to vent her anger on.


She shouted over the phone, “see! I am sick and tired of your tantrums! Whoever it is you are! You call me with hidden numbers and say nothing, send messages with hidden numbers, and send some kinda useless gifts anonymously, what is your problem?! Are you so jobless all you do is to stalk me? How the hell did you even know where I stay? The next time you send a delivery man to me, I will get him arrested till he provides the coward who doesn’t have the boldness to come face me. If you so want me as you have always painted, show your face and stop being a fool! And let this be the last time you will call me, else I will do all I can to find out this number and I won’t spare you for being a threat to my sanity, you get that?! Good bye!”


I stared at the phone after she hung up, was it just the kiss or something else was making her so angry? I wondered.


I went to bed on an empty stomach thinking of what to do next, I didn’t want to be in her bad book.


I woke up the next day with a final decision, I already started it, I needed to finish it. I was ready to dare the consequences as long as I do what I have always wanted to do. The highest she would do was to bullshit me and send me out of her house, but I was going to try nevertheless. Yes, I concluded I was going to visit her.


I left home as early as 6am, her place was just an hour plus journey, I didn’t want her to be out before I get there. I didn’t go with my car, it was to be on a safer side, I wouldn’t want to think while driving.

I had my heart in my mouth as I approached her place, I had never been so nervous before a lady in my life.


No matter how nervous I was, there was no going back. I was there to settle it all once and for all.


I moved to her room self contain which was one of the apartments in the compound. I had actually followed her secretly sometime back to know her house. Don’t blame me.


I stood before her door for what seemed like eternity, it was quarter past 7am. The whole compound was still silent, just few words escaping from certain flats.

I knocked at the door and kept my eyes shut, assuring myself that I would be fine.


I guess she was expecting someone, or it was just a coincidence because she opened the door almost immediately.


I held my breath as I watched her, she was still in her night wear, her face was natural and more beautiful than I had ever seen her. I swallowed hard, searching for the right words to start with, she was shocked to see me, it was written all over her face and how she left her mouth opened, but she overcame the shock earlier than I could overcome mine.


“What are you doing here? How did you know this place? Did Larry send you to me? Are you guys trying to play me or make a joke of me? What exactly are you doing here so early?!” She asked raising her voice.

I relaxed and smiled, “will you at least let me in? That’s the only way I can answer all your questions”

She eyed me for a while and looked behind me to see if someone was there, she left the doorway while I went into her well organized room, I loved it.

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