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Something Called Love – Season 1 Episode 8

Episode Eight


It was the eleventh month of their relationship when I received an august visitor at my place of work.

The secretary had informed me a lady was asking to see me, I sure wasn’t expecting anyone. Since I broke up with Jane, I hardly receive visitors, female visitor for that matter.


Without asking who it was, I told her to send the person in. I had my head bent over a file when she walked in. It was more like she walked in from my dream into my reality. Helen came visiting.

I was shocked, speechless and excited, I stared at her and admired her. I never knew she had this so much effect on me.


“Hi Nuel, are you busy?”

She asked waving her hand at my face, I guess I’ve been staring since forever and didn’t notice she was already standing just before me.

I blinked and stuttered, “uh—uhhh no, not at all. Please sit down”


“I’m sorry I came unannounced, I was just very bothered and I needed to tell someone who can handle this.” She spoke, her eyes sobering up


“What is that? Is everything alright? Are you okay?” I was obviously concerned and it made her smile and nod intermittently.


“Errmm yes I am, I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but Larry gave me no choice, I don’t know what else to do to please him or make him stay committed to me like I am to him. I have caught him severally with different ladies, and after that he comes back to beg me. It happened again yesterday and I think I am losing it. I am deeply hurt, what else does he want me to do? Why can’t he just put his dick in one place? I have spoken to him, I have begged him and I have asked him if he no longer wants me, but he keeps apologising and going back on his words. You are his friend, and I saw that you are more decent than he is, and that is why I had to come to you to please talk to him for me. I am not getting any younger, he should let me know what he really wants with me.”


She spoke on and on, explaining all Larry had been doing. I listened attentively to all she had to say without interrupting her. Why will she be inlove with someone who does not value her?


I promised to speak with Larry, no matter what I felt, I would still do that for her. I loved her company, so I asked that she waits a bit longer at least to feel better.


We talked like long time friends catching up on old times, I got to know we had so many things in common. I had never felt more alive than I did with her around.


I forgot about my work for the whole three hours she was in my office, I think she enjoyed the discussion too, she confirmed it and said “Larry hardly have time for chit chats like this, it bores him.”


I stood up to see her off, she walked to the door while I followed, at that moment, my emotions got the best part of me. I called her name with my pent up feelings that was almost weighing me down, she turned to look at me with her head raised due to my height.

“Yeah?” She waited, she still had smiles on her face


I rubbed my temple, and gave a deep sigh, I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I held her face in haste and planted a kiss on her lips.


She was stunned. She pushed me away angrily, her smiles had vanished, and was replaced with anger.


“What was that for?! Are you okay? Because I came to your office makes you think you can do shits with me?! I should have known birds of a feather flock together! How could I have thought you were more decent? Have you forgotten I’m your friend’s woman?! Oh goodness! I shouldn’t have come here!”


She was visibly crossed with me and all I could do was stand and watch her rant, I didn’t know what to say.


She stormed out of my office and all I did was to place my head on the door.

What have I done? Now she hates me.

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