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Something Called Love – Season 1 Episode 7

Episode Seven


Stalking Helen became a hobby I couldn’t stop doing no matter how much I try to caution myself. Yes, she is my friend’s babe, but I badly wanted her, yet I couldn’t ask her out. How will I do that? Larry and the rest will skin me alive, moreover, it was against the brothers code.


Larry remained with Helen, I am sure he saw a gem in her which made him stick to her, but he couldn’t caution himself from going after other ladies, he wanted them all. Someone needs to tell him he can’t have it all.

Their relationship was going to eight months, and everyone of us were already believing Larry would marry Helen, but just like me, Larry wasn’t ready for any commitment, also, he said he wants to be very sure he can live with Helen forever, because Helen can be inquisitive and jealous.


Helen had caught him cheating thrice, aside the chats and messages she had seen on his phone. This was something Helen couldn’t deal with and at a point, she reported Larry to me on Facebook during one of our plain chats. I wanted to tell her I love her, I wanted to tell her to leave Larry and be with me, but instead, I encouraged her to keep believing in Larry’s change.


What about me? Just when Larry’s relationship with Helen clocked six months, I ended things with Jane, it wasn’t as difficult as I had thought. She told me she saw it coming and she had braced herself up for it. I knew she was deeply hurt, but there was nothing I could do, I was no longer in love with her and I didn’t want to keep wasting her time.

I can’t deny I miss having someone to check up on me once in a while even though it ends with monetary requests, I missed her craziness and fun spirit, but it was better I let her go.


Helen had occupied my thinking, I needed some time to end my foolishness and focus on my life, but I was ready to keep up with the stalking for as long as I could if it will make me feel connected to her.


My stalking wasn’t just about calling her with private number to hear her voice, I made it a duty to send her heart warming messages every night anonymously. This way, she won’t be able to block my line, and she won’t be able to reply my messages.


Anytime she had issues with Larry, I send gifts to her through a delivery man, with my usual signature “your secret love”.


Call me crazy, I agree, I really don’t know why Helen intoxicates me that much, it was love at first sight for me, but the odds were against me.


The day I almost lost it was when Larry came to my office with Helen, he came around to drop a package and he was with Helen.

We exchanged pleasantries, and I never knew I was still staring and smiling at her after the whole greetings until Larry jerked me. It wasn’t embarrassing until Larry decided to make fun of me right there.


“Guy, you wanna swallow my babe in my presence? Watch it o” that was Larry’s words to me.

If only he knew I owned her in my head every night.


That night when I got home, I sent a message to Helen again, it read, “every night, I do wish to see your face, I imagine what it will feel like to have a taste of your lips, I desire to have a conversation with you, a conversation void of words just laughter, and when I saw you, I lost my man power and couldn’t do anything. When will the odds favour me? I love you Helen, I really do and I am losing it…. Your secret love”


My life went on without any thing special in it, the only thing that made it worthwhile was Helen in my head.


On another night out with my guys, Jide raised Helen’s topic again, he said, “Larry, any update about this your Helen? It is eight months o, na she you wan marry?”


“Marry? No even talk am, marriage no dey my agenda right now. Make we still dey look as e go be sha, though the babe don dey give me sign sey she wan quick marry, and I never enjoy the street finish” Larry replied nonchalantly


“Hope sey the sex don dey sweet now?” Felix the pervert questioned


“Taarrrhhh, she is always skeptical about certain styles, and the way she monitors me and rants about me having other girlfriends is already choking me. If the babe no free me, I go ditch her last last”


Martins shook is head and said, “you will never change Larry, and like I always tell you, you need deliverance.”


“I think you should leave her for the one who wants her instead of wasting her time.” I chipped in, trying to contain my anger.


“Oh! Like you left Jane abi? And to think you are the good guy here, so you still fit leave Jane? See, you left Jane when you were tired of her, I will leave Helen when I’m done with her.” Larry responded.


Few minutes later, I feigned tiredness and excused myself from their midst, I didn’t want to hear Larry talk about Helen like a piece of paper, I loved her that much.

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  • Nuel is seriously in love with this babe, how will he tell her now, I hope Larry dumps her as quick as possible so you can pick up from there.

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