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Something Called Love – Season 1 Episode 12 [Completed]

Episode Twelve


“If there is anyone who wouldn’t want this man and woman to be joined in holy matrimony, let him speak now or remain silent forever” the pastor spoke loudly into the microphone.


I turned to look at Larry who was among my groom’s men, I was ready to beat him up right there and then if he behaves funny.


Martins, Felix and Jide were seated with him too, all dressed in blue suits, they looked at Larry with a eye that says “don’t even try to create a scene here”.


Helen had been scared of this moment and had thought Larry would want to act as the Larry he is, but I had assured her it was under control.


Convincing my friends wasn’t as hard as I thought, all I had to do was talk to Martins, and Martins handled them all. Larry kept talking about brothers code, but that wasn’t my business. He didn’t want her, I wanted her. He tried tarnishing her image before me and telling me about how he had used her up in the other room, but I cared less, even though I was supposed to be irritated.

told him, “when I was dating Jane, we had sex, that doesn’t make her less of a woman, and now she is married. The woman you will get married to also, has been used by someone, so shut up!”


On another day when he tried making mockery of me for taking his left over, I made sure he went home with a swollen lips. No one speaks low of my Helen and go scot free.


He didn’t want to be one of my groom’s men, but he had no choice. I was getting married to Helen and that was final.


Helen and I courted for two months before I proposed to her in a grand style. Those two months were indeed awesome that I kept thanking God Larry didn’t want her.


The pastor ended the rites and said out loud for all to hear, “I pronounce you man and wife, those who God has joined together, let no man put asunder”


There were cheers all around, as I bend to kiss my wife who was beaming with smiles.


  1. If what I feel is what is called love, then it is a feeling everyone needs to experience.


The End.

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  • Congratulations Mr & Mrs. Nuel, Lets hope Larry will not come back for his woman. Wish you all the best guys. It was such a nice story, “something called love” I need to experience this kind of feeling.

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