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Something Called Love – Season 1 Episode 11

Episode Eleven


I took a break from work to gather myself, I needed time to heal and move on. It has been a week since I visited Helen. I stayed away from Facebook, I broke the sim I used in messaging and calling her, there was no point in doing that anymore since I already said it to her face.


Martins and the other guys had called me severally, I guess Larry had told them what happened, but I ignored their calls. I would settle that when I am balanced, I just needed to be back on track and avoid Helen like a plague. It was hard, but I was determined to get over it.


I sat in my sitting room watching a match replay when I heard my door bell ring, I wasn’t expecting any one, neither was I in the mood to receive visitors.


It rang some more, and I reluctantly stood up to check who it was. I peeped through the security hole, and my heart beat raced speedily when I saw who it was.

Helen was standing right there with her head bowed and about to ring the bell again.


I opened the door, and she flashed me a nervous smile. I didn’t smile back, the surprise was beyond me, the butterflies in my belly which I thought I had killed came back to life.


“Can I come in?” She asked more like a plea


I opened the door wider and allowed her in. She stood still and I had to direct her to the main sitting room.


I didn’t say anything, I just stared and waited for her to talk.


“You have a beautiful place, it is organized” she commented


“Thank you”


She nodded like a baby, she faced me while still standing but avoided my eyes.

“To think I have rehearsed all I wanted to say before coming here, and now I don’t even know where to start is funny” she laughed nervously


I didn’t interrupt her.


“Okay Nuel, I errmm, I — oh God! This is weird” she walked towards the window and backed me. I watched her, I didn’t want to imagine what she came to say, so I waited.


Without facing me, she started speaking with all the confidence she could gather. “That day I came to your office, I actually felt you took advantage of me, and hated myself for it, especially as I couldn’t tell Larry about it. When I got home, Larry was already waiting for me, he questioned my movement and was beginning to play the blame game on me again when he was the one meant to apologise for what he did. He accused me of cheating on him without evidence, he said I was insecure because I don’t trust myself either. He said so many things to me and made me feel like I was the filthy one. Remembering what you did made me believe his words that I was cheap. He told me he was managing me after all and I was choking him with my complains because he can’t stick to just me when he isn’t married to me yet.”


I waited for her to continue, was she here to tell me about Larry again?


“At the end of the whole noise, Larry said he needed a break from the relationship, I was disorganized, so when you called with the private number, I just wanted to vent. A part of me wanted to let go of Larry, and a part of me still wanted him back. That morning when you came, I was hoping he would come around and let us settle it like other times, which he did, but he met you.”


She paused for some seconds and continued again, “and when you left, he called me a slut, he said I had no class and I went after his friend, he asked me why I was at your office. He accused me of entertaining you and asking why I would allow you in at such hour if I had no other motive especially since I was still on my night wear. Oh God! Larry said so many things to me. But for the first time, I didn’t reply him. He got furious and told me never to call him again, and he left.”


She turned to face me, her eyes were teary, I wanted to rush up to her and kiss her tears away, but I didn’t want a repeat of what happened.


“And this time, I obeyed him and didn’t call him. He messaged me the third day and said some other things about me looking for a way to be with you. I had to take this one week to know what I really wanted. I think it took the absence of your secret calls and messages to realize I was always looking forward to it. I silently wished you would just send me another message or call me, but it never came. Nuel, I don’t know if I’m making any sense, but do you truly love me and still want me?”


Was I hearing her right? How could I ever stop loving her? I was transfixed, did Helen just professed her love to me? She was looking at me expectantly, and there I was, standing speechlessly.


She was beginning to fidget, I walked up to her, I had a broad smile on my face, I slowly wiped off the tears on her face and raised her chin with my index finger, making her stare at me.


“I have always loved you Helen, and I still do.”

She smiled and blushed, then I asked her, “can I?”


She nodded and waited for me, I pulled her close with my left hand, while I guided her lips to mine with my right hand. It was a kiss I will live to remember.


I knew gaining acceptance before my friends would be hard, but if I have Helen, I am satisfied.

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  • Larry you are funny, how can you accuse someone of cheating yet you don’t have any evidence, this girl has been there for you she has truly loved you but see how you are paying her back, this is wickedness from you Larry. Anyways most of the guys when they know they are cheating they turn it to girls and start accusing them, it’s not funny, have experienced this myself.

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