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Something Called Love – Season 1 Episode 10

Epsiode Ten


She stood at the center of the room without offering me a seat on the single sofa in her room, I wasn’t bothered, because I wasn’t there to sit either.

She folded her arms across her bossom, I could tell she wasn’t wearing anything under her night wear, but her breasts weren’t falling, a perfect view if you ask me.

I pinched myself to focus on what I came for, and not get lost in her appearance, I can’t be seen as a pervert like Felix or Larry.


“So are you here to stand and stare at me? Or you are here to finish the shit you did yesterday? I didn’t let you into my room because I want to, I let you in because I do not want a scene created here, so please hurry up and leave my room.” She spoke looking straight into my eyes


I nodded obediently and scratched my hair, “first of all, I am very sorry for what happened yesterday in my office. I got carried away, I am deeply sorry, I am not a pervert and I never meant to make you feel bad or disrespect you. I don’t know what else to say than to say I am very sorry.”


“Okay, if that’s what you came here to tell me, it’s alright, you can now leave.”


“No, that’s not all I came here to say. I came here to finish what I started.”


She looked at me confused and moved back in fear, I wondered what was going through her mind. I quickly added.

“Don’t get me wrong please, I am not here to force myself on you, I won’t do that. I am here to explain why I did what I did. So please listen to me, I beg you.”


She kept quiet, and stayed where she was, waiting for me to continue.


“See Helen, the truth is, I—I love you, I know it’s crazy and I shouldn’t be saying this, but that is the truth. I have loved you from the first time Larry showed us your picture, I loved you more when I saw you for the first time at Felix’s pool party. I have been stalking you ever since then wishing you and Larry will end things so I can tell you how I feel, but to my surprise, Larry isn’t ending anything yet. My friends will skin me if they see me going after you even after knowing who you are with Larry, but I can’t help it. I have been imagining kissing you for a long time, and yesterday when you came, I couldn’t hold it anymore. Please forgive me for that….”



“How did you know my place?” She asked me in a whisper


“I stalked you, I’m the anonymous guy who calls you with private numbers, send you messages with private numbers and send you gifts. Your outburst last night calling me a coward challenged me to face my fears today. Helen I am going nuts already, is there any other word greater aside love? That is what I feel for you.”


I paused and scratched my head again, “I am not asking you to accept me, I know it’s hard, you have Larry and you love him, if you are happy with him, I’m happy for you. I just had to let this out before it chokes me.”

I heaved a deep sigh, Helen was still standing on a spot, I couldn’t tell what was going through her mind.


“This is what I came here to tell you, I will be—-”

My words were interrupted by the opening door, it was Larry standing by the door. He had an angry smirk on his face, looking from me to Helen. I guess he has been at the door for a while, He was apparently the one Helen was expecting. I didn’t know how much he heard, but I didn’t care.


I looked back at Helen and said to her, “I mean every word I said Helen”. I turned to leave, but Larry was still standing by the door, we both were of same height, but I was lankier. He looked into my eyes and said to me, “you really disappoint me Nuel, so this is it? Is this why you broke up with Jane? To have my woman? I have been suspecting you anytime we raise a topic that has to do with Helen, I can’t believe this!”


I looked at him all over, I have no word for him, he can think whatever he wants, I really do not care. I pushed him off my way slightly and left the room for them.


I felt better, we will deal with the consequences later.

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