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Smashed Anything Under – Season 1 – Episode 6

Episode 6

The three of them collapsed after several hours of intense sex, she got up, sat on the bed still naked waiting for them to wake up and continue.

One hour gone, she invoked some palatable and delicious meal from her kingdom while she await their revival.

They woke up three hours later, all happening at the same time. She ordered them to eat the food and get back to work. Fear could be seen on their faces and shivers all over their bodies.

“We beg you in the name of God”.Please, Tom pleaded.

“Taaaaaaaaa!!!!” She exclaimed. Don’t you ever make mention of that here again, did you remember that name all the while I was asking you guys to let go? You guys want to have me, here I am now ready for you. Smash me the way you want. I am still naked for you”.

“I swear, in my entire life I will not f–k again. If I should get out of this alive, my life will be dedicated to you Lucifiana”. Alex said pleading.

“Go and have your meal and get back to work”. She commanded once again.

“But, don’t be offended, how and where did you get this food. Because we don’t have food stuffs in the room. Not to talk of having this sort of meal”. Mark asked.

“Whatever you need can be given to you from my kingdom. I would have given you guys what you wanted, but you chose to have it your way. Now you must pay for every bit of pain you caused me here and in my kingdom. You have done this for too long, making love to everyone you want to. It may shock you to know that most ladies you have smashed are from our kingdom. You guys have been initiated long ago. I just came to fulfill your woes. Your minds were hardened not to allow you heed to any advice given to you since you had it with one of our agents”.

“Every agent has their specific assignment, some are to initiate you first, some to harden your hearts and some to finally destroy you. Have you wondered why you don’t see any of those ladies again on campus whenever you were done with them? They return back to our kingdom because their missions were done”.

“My room mate, Linda warned you, so many people warned you. Above all, I did not just warn you guys, but I pleaded with you. My name Lucifiana did not even scare you guys. I am a direct descendant of Lucifer, the name should have rang a bell to you guys. (But they say, he who the gods want to kill they do not allow to perceive the smell of feases). Your day of DOOM is here. Get back to work”. She turned three again and ordered them to continue.

Their pleas couldn’t help as they continued from where they stopped.


It was 4pm the next day, some friends came looking for them because they were not in lectures all day. Unlike them, despite all they did in school, they were always academic conscious.

A knock came at their door, but they were so weak to even respond. Their friends knowing they were in kept knocking because the door was not padlocked outside as was the case always.

It was Mark who was able to speak out a little louder before they knew something was actually not right with them. They tried forcing the door open but it was hardly locked.



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