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Sitting On My Stepson Laps +18 – Season 1 – Episode 5 [Completed]

Part 5 (Final)

Nothing much dear, I was beaten by an ant but I’ve crushed it. Its paining me. “I lied”. Sorry dear. “He said”. Ohhh I moaned again. . But then my stepson let go of my hips, handing the decision over to me.
This was my chance to put a halt to this. To lift up my body and eject his cock from my very wet pussy. To take parental control of
this bizarre situation.
And I did indeed take control. Although not as a parent, but as a horny slut.
I resumed the slow-motion riding that previously my stepson had been controlling.
Suddenly it wasn’t my son forcing me to ride him, it was my riding him of my own
volition… because I wanted to… because I wanted him… although slowly, which only compounded my frustration as I knew I could never get off like this.
I needed to bounce on his cock and do it hard. I needed to ride it fast.
I needed it slamming into me. I didn’t need to make love, I needed to fuck .
Yet I couldn’t do any of those things without completely giving away to my husband the shocking truth of what we were doing. I began riding him faster, cautiously grabbing the back of my husband’s seat for support. I didn’t bounce on his cock like I desperately wanted to do, but I did move faster and
performed my expert move that always got my husband off, as I tightened my Kegel muscles around his stiff d!ck.
And just like it always worked for my husband, it now worked for my son… like father, like son… as I felt his cum filling my cunt. I let out an uncontrollable moan, made worse by the fact that my head was resting on the side of the seatback just inches from my husband’s left ear.
“You okay?” Alex asked again.
“I just really need to pee,” I replied, desperately grabbing any old excuse as my son continued spewing inside me and I continued milking him for all I could get.
“A couple more minutes,” he promised.
“Okay,” I replied, leaning up, then adding the double entendre, “much longer and I may explode.”
“I’m doing the best I can,” he said, knowing from years of travelling that when I say I have to pee… I have to pee.
My stepson began bucking his ass up, really fucking me now, making me tremble and gasp, “Oh, God.”
“There’s a truck stop in two miles,” Alex said, pointing out a sign.
“So close,” I replied, again a double meaning, now completely unable to hide my desperation to come, grateful he was misinterpreting what my urgency was about, as I desperately tried to come at least without screaming, and before we reached the truck stop. Mike kept pumping his cock, not super-fast, or hard enough to make slapping sounds, but
actively enough to build my orgasm.
I could feel the tide rising in me, knowing the inevitable eruption was close, when I saw the one-mile sign.
Urgency overwhelming me, I had to have this orgasm, my very life depended on this orgasm! I leaned away from my husband, leaned back against my stepson’s chest and rode his cock like a crazy woman as I moved my hand to my clit and started strumming.
I was thankful the music was too loud for my husband to hear
the wet sounds of sex right behind him as I bounced on mike’s cock, desperate to orgasm.
I could see the truck stop and a restaurant in the near distance, fast approaching even as I was doing the same, and I closed my eyes and rode and rode and rubbed… and rubbed
and finally erupted.
“God,” I moaned loudly, allowing the word out, certain that my husband would still think I was desperate to pee, not knowing that immediately behind him I was unable to restrain my vocalisations not because of hydraulic pressure, but because my orgasm was hitting me like a thunderstorm, my cum gushing out of me and flooding onto my stepson’s cock and
lap. Again I grabbed the driver’s seat and pulled myself up, my stepson’s cock finally exiting my overheated pussy.
Thankfully thoughts of incestuous sex never occurred to him.
“Thirty seconds, honey.”
“Okay, thanks,” I replied weakly,
When he pulled in and brought the car to a stop, my orgasm still wasn’t complete. Yet I had to appear urgent, desperate even, like I could pee myself at any moment, so I slammed open the door, and jumped out of the car.
I scurried through a rustic restaurant and into the washroom, the guilt and shame of my indiscretion and incestuous act suddenly hitting me like the summer heat.
I… had… just… had… sex… with… my… Stepson!
In… our… car!
With… my… apparently oblivious husband… inches… away!
Oh… my… God!
I… am… the… worst…mother… ever!
I got to the washroom, and for the second time today I wiped cum off my legs. What had come over me? Why had I let my stepson do that to me? I could blame the confined space, but truthfully nothing had prevented me from pushing him out of me. Nothing except my own willingness to fuck him.
Then he texted me:
That was amazing, Mommy.
I texted back, my orgasm finally subsiding, finally responding to him as a mother: That can’t happen again!!! “I texted back”.
After washing myself and eating in the rest room, we came out.
Alex asked, “So do you guys want to go for a hike?”
Mike offered , “I need to take a lengthy washroom break, wash off some of this sweat, why don’t you two go off alone?”
“Sure,” Alex said, taking my hand.
As we were walking along the trail I had the sudden urge to show my husband I loved him. I needed to make up for my indiscretion even if he didn’t know about it, by doing something for him.
Ten minutes or so into the hike I saw a small side path and invited him, “Follow me.”He objected, “I don’t think this is part of the trail.” “I certainly hope not,” I purred, trying to look sexy and with improper intent. A couple of minutes later, deep enough in the woods that we couldn’t be seen, I dropped to my knees and fished out his cock. I sucked him out and get his juices in my mouth, arrange ourselves and went back.
Hours later, we reached his lodge, helped him pack his load in his lodge.
After we came back, I prepared meal served it, and we all ate. Alex my husband, I and my 2 children. Then moments after eating, my husband started misbehaving, I don’t know what is really coming over him but I think he’s getting mad. as I was crying and shouting for help before he run outside, my phone rang, I picked it up only to hear that mike fall from the lodge breaking his two legs. That was the beginning of My Suffering. I was sent away with my two kids after they accused me of cheating cus that’s the only thing that can make my husband mad after eating a meal I personally cooked. (According to their culture)

THE END!!!! ¡!!!
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