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Sister In-law Big Ass (18+) – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 5]

sister In-law big ass

sister In-law big ass

I’ ve found myself trying to look at her in different situations. I remember the first time I saw her naked breast. Brenda and her husband were just back from vacation at the beach and unloading the car . She bent over in front of me and I could see the full view of her breast down her blouse. The n*pples were long and puffy on her big breasts.
I couldn ‘ t help but to go home and f**k my gal while thinking about her . From then on I found myself getting more and more looks at her . I would peek through windows when she would visit us trying to see her naked . I was never ale to see her p*ssy but my fantasies grew about having her s*x. It didn ‘ t help having her husband tell me all the nasty things she would do for him.

One – night things seemed to come my way . My gal and Brenda worked for the same company in different divisions. There was a company party and Brenda ‘ s husband , she decided to ride with us . It was the middle of the summer and when we picked Brenda up she came out wearing a short cotton sundress . I thought I was in heaven when I caught a glimpse of her panties when she got in the car . Little did I know how much better it would get .
It was a warm evening at the party and every one was having fun and the drinks really started to flow. My galfrnd was getting pretty loose as well as Brenda . I noticed that Brenda was talking with one of her bosses and seemed to be acting a little reluctant . I saw her shaking her head saying ” no ” but then she seemed to give in . I saw her walk down the hall and go into a room with an older guy named Don , and they closed the door . Of course my curiosity was up. So I slipped outside into the dark and went to the window to see what was going on .

I looked through I could see Don trying to kiss her and grabbing at her ass through her dress . She was resisting and pushing him away . I finally heard him say ” You know what the deal is Bitch if you don ‘ t want me to tell. ” At that point he put his mouth to hers and she relented . I saw his hands move to her bottom and raise her dress exposing her panties i couldn’t ‘ t believe my eyes and knew I had an opportunity .
I saw that he had Brenda bent over the arm of a couch and had pulled her panties down. Her p**sy was exposed to me and Don was roughly kneading her ass and p**sy . She was grimacing as he roughly manipulated her and pulled at her lips . She had huge lips and the way her legs were spread you could see all of her s*x and her puckered little anus . He suddenly raised his hand and slapped it down on her ass ; she squirmed and pleaded for him to stop. You could tell Don liked being rough with her and had something on her . He slapped her ass several more and said ” are you going to mind me now ?” All Brenda could do was whimper and plead She finally said ” Yes , but please don’t tell and don’t hurt me

By now I was extremely excited about seeing my sister in law ‘ s naked shaven p**sy in front of me and being disciplined by another man . Don made Brenda get to her feet and face him , he looked at her and said ” you know what I want now take care of it. ” Brenda looked at hem and said ” No please Don , don’t make me do that again. ” Don put pressure on Brenda ‘ s shoulders and she sank to her knees . Don reached down and unzipped his pants . He pulled out his very large d**k and you could see the reluctance in Brenda ‘ s eye’ s. Slowly , Brenda reached up and held the d**k in her hands. She leaned forward and started to suck him . I thought I was going to fall over seeing my own sister in law sucking some strange mans cock . He put his hand on the back of her head and started making her f*ck him with her mouth. With each stroke it went deeper into her mouth and throat. Several times she gagged and pulled away , but Don wouldn ‘ t relent and kept shoving his d**k down her throat .
Suddenly, I could see that Don couldn’t take much more and was ready to cum . He held her head with two hands now and pumped at her mouth. He moaned and stared pumping thick squirts of his semen in Brenda’ s mouth . All she could do was swallow and hope she didnt get any on her . When he was finished he picked Brenda up , kissed her and said he would talk to her at their next meeting at work . Apparently this had gone on for some time. Don disappeared from the room leaving Brenda to straighten herself up.

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