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Silver Bullet – Season 1 – Episode 42 [Completed]

Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet

End Notes

In a society infested with crime and numerous societal evils, it becomes a conditio sine qua non that we must not fail to realize the dangers of overlooking the question of what would become of man if we continue like this. Countries have been torn down, ridden by violence. The brutality of human nature had even led to wars between related countries. All these are all as a result of conflicts conflicts which come as a result of misunderstanding. Misunderstanding which arises as a result of variation in the mindset and philosophy of life, and all these converge on irrationality.

The big question then becomes: “Is it possible for man to psychologically reason ones directionally?” Practically, it is impossible and that’s where the rule of law comes in. Just as criminal methods are now becoming more sophisticated and advanced than in previous years, so are the conter-security measures equally growing and becoming more advanced at almost the same pace.

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A lot of psychologists and experts in the field of psychopathology have questioned the reason people commit crime, but have been unable to arrive at a reasonable and satisfying conclusion.

SILVER BULLET is an edifying, informative and motivating fiction that explore all these reasons/areas and portrays the picture of a society where some people track them down and bring them to face the law. It equally explores how the lust for power can make people go to the extreme in order to achieve their goal. Garnished with notable facts, figures, places and events, it goes a long way towards exploring the dangers of terrorism and its injurious effects on the development of countries.

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No wonder a Latin adages says, Amo habendi habendo crescit …


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