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Silver Bullet – Season 1 – Episode 40

Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet

4. 45 A.M


They all chuckled at Elroy’s joke; the president laughed the most. Becky sat by the headboard cuddling him.

The doctor estimated three days before his recovery. His head was full recovery. His head was bandaged round in white and equally around his left shoulder. His drip had gone down and he could now breathe without the aid of an oxygen mask.

A nurse came along and took his temperature and noted it down on a notepad.
“What of Imogen?” Allan asked, right now she was the only consolation he had and he would strive to the last to protect her.
“She would be here any moment now,” Emily obliged. “Oh, here they are”.

She ran to her fiancé and hugged him tightly before hugging the young girl.
“What a lovely lady!!” She said, moving back to have a good look.
“Thanks!” Imogen ran to her dad and kissed him.

“Dad, what happened? You never told me you were hurt”.
“Neither did you. It’s a long story. You’re the bravest thing I have ever seen. Give dad another big hug”, he said, raising his head slightly.

“Don’t flatter me, dad. All thanks to my new friend here, Derek. He’s got all the credit”, she said introducing him.
“Here’s Becky, you mum”, he said introducing Becky. Her eyes brightened.

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“Mum?” She gasped and went into the warm embrace of her mother,”after all these years”, she sobbed on her shoulders.
“I love you so much, my baby”. Becky said, kissing her forehead.

“Hold on a second. I’ve heard so much about this Derek”, the President said raising up his head to get a better look at the young man.
Derek beamed and walked closer to the bed-ridden President.

“Thank you so much, for everything. For saving my daughter’s life. You did your country a good service. You would all be rewarded adequately. God bless you my son”.

“Amen. God bless you too”.
The metal door of the executive ward opened and a female lab attendant walked in holding outa sheet.

“Adams, the DNA result came out negative”.
That’s exactly what I was expecting. So Lorenzo had been wrong all along”, Elroy chipped in.

“That’s pretty good news for the Pope, I’ll send him the test results. He wasn’t a father after all. Then who was it?” He asked.
“We ran a search on the database. Suffix it to say, the Pope has an identical twin, one Georgia Paula”.

“Did you locate him?”
“No, he said in a train accident twelve years ago in Italy”.

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“And that was about the same time he abandoned his family. This is becoming interesting”, Adams said.

“Wait, I seem to be the only one lost here. What’s this fuss about Giovanni? How is he involved in this, thought he was the Pope’s closest friend”.

“We’ve been looking at the wrong place all along. He masterminded all these; the kidnaps, bombings, hijacks; everything that happened. I heard he changed his name”.
“Of course, he was called Gen. Boska or something when we got there”.

“Arnold was so ambitious and you know, obnoxious as a boy. Well, I don’t blame him. It’s over now. Thank God, not much damage was done”.

“That must be too hard on you”, Emily said.
“All the same, I’m glad no one was hurt”.
“Of course, only a few shattered nerves”, Adams said.

“People like? I hope you don’t mean Derek”, Imogen said protectively.

“Oh, never mind. He knows himself and he looks pretty much shaky even now”. He patted Elroy. “Take it easy bro, ni one’s gonna bust you”.

Everyone burst into laughter.
“That’s the best pass he’s got!” Elroy shouted above the noise, but nobody listened.

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