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Silver Bullet – Season 1 – Episode 38

Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet

Emily was completely exhausted and she pulled herself out from the weight of the dead man with great effort.

She squinted her eyes to see Agent Adams, Porteliuz and a couple of CTAN agents at the doorway.

Adams was bolstering the gun and walking briskly to the control unit. Porteliuz rushed to her.

“Are you okay?” He asked.
“Yeah, just dizzy but you heard the psychopath. We’ve got a worse situation right now”, she said, dusting herself and walking to where the laptop was buried amidst the debris.

“What a havoc you must have caused here, Emily! I never doubted your capabilities, not for once”, Elroy said, checking the laptop.
“Thank you so much, Emily. You really stood in for me. A second late, you would have been dead, for me. I’m well aware that I can never pay back. Once again, thank you”. He extended his hands for a handshake.
She ignored the proffered hand and hugged him,”That’s for saving my life”.

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“Oh, it’s nothing”, Adams said, he was beginning to feel awkward with the CTAN agents there.

“Please, could you guys just quit the ‘happily ever after’ stuff for the time being. We’ve got a worse situation here”, Elroy shouted from across the room and some agents giggled.

“I just want to thank for saving my life”
“Oh gosh. Elroy, can you just stop being a pain in the ass? We’re right in a crime scene!”
“Oh, I was just about just to say that…”
“Where’s Becky?” Emily asked
“You mean the first lady?” Elroy asked.
“You mean the first lady?” Elroy asked.
“Oh my God. I Should have known. She really a strong-willed woman”, Emily said.

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“She’s been headed to the hospital with other inmates. We’ve got dozen of them in that hell hole”, an agent offered.
“Bring the guy in!” Adams shouted.
The huge oak door opened and an agent dragged in one of the mafia men.

“What’s your name?” He asked.
“Marvin”, he said, staring angrily at him and then at Elroy. Betrayal and disappointment written all over his face. Elroy seemed to care less.

“Well well, Marvin. You seem pretty much in-charge here”, he scoffed.
“Anyway, I need the deactivation password, now. As you can see”, he said turning the laptop to face him. “We’ve got barely three minutes”.

“Go to hell”, he said through bloodied lips.

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