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Silver Bullet – Season 1 – Episode 34

Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet

9. 32 P.M.


“Connect the supply hose to another oxygen cylinder”, the head surgeon instructed one of the female attendants.

President Kenneth Kelvin had fallen into a coma due to complications arising from the loss of so much blood from the double bullet wounds he had sustained, high blood pressure and probably, psychological depression.

He just escaped an attempted assassination and kidnap a few hours ago. The two sniper bullets pulled out of his body had been taken to the investigation department of the CTAN for identification and possible tracking.

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The first bullet grazed an artery, just below the cranium, while the second was buried deep in his left shoulder. Obviously, it was meant for his chest.

The head surgeon and his team were struggling relentlessly to minimize the flow of blood from the artery but all hope seems to have been lost because he had already lost a lot of blood in the process of removing the bullet.

“Too bad, I doubt if he could survive this”, he muttered in desperation. “There must be a way; he can’t possibly die this way, not in my hands. The president cannot die in my hands, it would be very detrimental to my career. There must have to be a way”.
“Any problem, doc?”

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“Don’t worry about me, I’m alright. Get me the blood bag with the Z+tag”.
He got back to work, the large overhead lamp focusing its light intently on the near lifeless body of the President on the metal surgical table.

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