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Silver Bullet – Season 1 – Episode 28

Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet

4. 45 P.M.


Airport attendants helped Emily and the passengers aboard the Shepherd One down the stairs of the mobile staircase. The Swiss Guards guarded the old man and went before Emily while she took up the rear.

“Has the surgery began?” Emily spoke into the phone.

“Yeah. The doctor gave high hopes and that, I just pray it works out sis. The couldn’t let me in though”, Eliana, her younger sister said from the other end.

“What were you expecting before? You’re really gross Eli. Any news from school?”
“Nope, just a couple of skipped tests and assignments, I can make it all up when all this is over. But where are you now?”

“Emy!” Someone shouted from the door of the private arrival lounge they were heading to.
We’ll talk about this later”, she said and terminated the call.

Emily screwed her face against the scotching sun to get a better view. She was excited as she spotted Agent Kimberly, a long-time friend at the CTAN. They hugged tightly.

“It’s been a long time, Kim. I hope you’re finally getting on well with Adams?” She teased.

“Sure. These days he seems to have dropped that pain in the ass poise”, they chuckled.
“Let’s get in, the make-up artist is waiting”, Kim said, tugging her along.

“Sure, we’ve got no time”, she said. Her phone rang.
“Hello Adams”.
“Emily, have you contacted your e-eh, fiance?”
“What’s the situation report?”
“I’m not an agent, Adams!”

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“Sorry, I almost forgot. Is there any development?”
“He’s hale and hearty. The girl’s with him. They were attacked and the assassins seem to be right on their track. What about your men?”
“Yeah, they’re on the way. The FBI are already handling the situation over there but they’ve not reported any capture”.
“And the two agents?” She asked.

“Their hotel room was clouded with chloroform and they were found half unconscious”.
How? I don’t understand”.
“A canister containing the gas was found open in the room. We’re trying to know if we can pull anything from the camera. Whoever did it was a pro”.
Emily exhaled, “Alright, I’ll keep in touch. The plastic make-up artist is almost through”.

“You guys have got to be fast. . . We’re running out of time. We don’t trust anybody right now. The Malibu have a lot of spies even within the CTAN, and they seem to know that we’re involved, they sent us GPS co-ordinates to where the Pope would be dropped off”.
“I’m really scared, Adams”.

“Don’t be. You shouldn’t be, Emily. We’ve got your back. Is the make-up expert through?”

“Touche. If the real Pope were here, I can’t tell who is who. He really did a good job”.

Adams chuckled and ended the call.

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