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Silver Bullet – Season 1 – Episode 22

Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet


“What information?” He asked, a worried look crossing his face.

“First, you have to do me a favor”.
“I’m listening”.
“There’s a girl right there; I’ll send her picture. She goes by the name Imogen Kelvin”.
“What about her?”

“You have to get her and get the hell out of that place”.
“Wait, wait, wait, Emily. I’m in the middle of an all-important event spearheaded by three giant corporations, one of which I happen to represent and you know that, and you expect me to grab a girl and get the hell out of that place?”

“You don’t get it, Derek. I’ll explain later, but that girl is the President’s kid”.
“What President?” He asked.

“Nigeria’s President and he is in a pretty tight condition right now”.

“I thought she’d have these undercover security operatives watching out for her. I mean, it’s normal with these guys and they should have carted her away if there was trouble. Stop worrying yourself, Emily for nothing’s sake!”

“The security ops are currently not responding, probably knocked out or, worse still, dead. It’s a clear indication that whoever that’s behind this may just be coming for her. Please, Derek, I know you’re on an important business thing and all that. But these are two important lives at stake for God’s sake, yours and hers. Please”.

“Alright, I’ll see what I can do”, he said and ended the call. He heard the distant whirl of helicopter blades and he scanned the sky. The chopper was a speck on the distant horizon. His adrenalin kicked in.

He rushed back through the rotating security doors, another official from IBM was doing the rounds. He excused himself.

He scanned the expansive hall, looking for a face that would match the picture on his phone. At last, he easily spotted the ebony complexioned girl chatting excitedly with some other girls in a corner of the hall. She’s difficult to miss. She happened to belong to the second team who just finished their exhibition. He strode to where the girls clustered. Some of them spotted him and whispered to the others.

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“Hi professor!” They chorused.
“Hello girls, it seems you’re through with your exercise”.

“Yeah!” Some of them said.
“I could almost smell the winner right here”. At this, they were thrilled.

“I’m just gonna kill the fun if I say. Sorry for interrupting, but I’ll like to meet with Ms. Imogen. Imogen Kelvin, I mean”, he said. The ebony girl stepped out. She had a miniature drone on her left hand. The others exchanged curious glances among themselves.
“Are you the one?”

“Yeah”, she said, still a bit confused.
“Just a moment, please”, he said.
“Where are you taking me to?” She asked as they just stepped outside.

“You’ll understand very soon. I just need you to trust me, okay?”

“Alright!” She nodded. She was one of his secret admirers and there was this air around him that made him easily likeable.

Derek Oscar knew the structures within the exhibition center like the back of his palms. He had helped design the blue print for the multimillion dollar building, and he even had a digital copy in his Blackberry phone.

Just as they were trespassing the lawn that led to the IT library and museum, they heard the first round of shots.

“Get down!” He ordered her and he banged on the door. In no time, the museum curator, an old man peeked out and opened the plexus-glass door of the library.


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