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Silver Bullet – Season 1 – Episode 21

Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet

9. 23 A.M.

“Alright, what’s her name again?” Emily asked, speaking into the phone.

“I’ll see what I can do”, she said and ended the call.

“Who was that?” Pique asked.
“It’s Adams. According to him, a secret organization is responsible for this”.
“If it’s a secret organization, then someone must be paying them. That’s how these things work”, he said.

“Not actually, the CTAN thinks it’s a political stuff. The man behind the Mafia organization seems to be bent on putrefying the political structure of the country. It has to be personal or political”, she explained.

“Like between the President and ‘You know who?’” The Charmelengo asked.

“Exactly!” She said. Her phone rang again.
“Excuse me please, I have to take this”, she said and went outside.

“Can we really trust her?” Lorenzo asked, looking around the room. “She barely came in and she’d just about bought us all”.

“Do not speak as such, my son. I can almost see through her, I can only sense innocence”, the Holy Father said. Just then, Emily walked in.
“Sorry, it was from my sister”.
“Back to what we were saying. What does this have to do with the Pope?” Cardinal Franzio spoke up, a worried look still on his face.

The Pope stood up and paced about and finally stopped at one of the massive windows in the room.
“Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine”,he said still facing outside.
“Is there no other way we can prevent the Holy Father from going there in person?” Pique asked.

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Emily shook her head. The message was clear but….” Her iPad buzzed. She rummaged in her purse and pulled it out. It was a Skype video call request from Adams. She picked it on the second beep.
Adam’s face appeared, someone was beside him, probably Elroy.
“Hey Emily, have you contacted your fiance?”

“So soon? I was just about to”.
“Please do. This is a very serious situation. Our agents over there are not responding, and could be that they were kidnapped or even murdered, the president’s daughter is practically insecure”.

“I can’t make promises but I’ll see what I can do. Have you made any progress?”
“Yeah, we’ve come up with another solution”.
“To what?”

“I thought you said they wouldn’t let the Pope come in person”.
“Of course, is there an alternative?”

“Yeah, we’re thinking about making a mask of the Pope’s face using plastic replication technology”.
“I don’t understand”, the Cardinal spoke up. Elroy came into view.

“I’m not supposed to talk about this, but we’ve used this process in many covert missions, it’s all about creating a rubber mask that looks exactly like the Pope which could be easily worn by someone else”.

“I didn’t vouch for impersonation and I can’t support it”, the Pope said indignantly, finally understanding where all this leads.

“There is no other option, Your Holiness. Let them do their job; after all we invited them”.
“E tu Cardinale Franzio? You support this?” He turned and stormed into his chambers.
“That’s it. Go on with it”, Pique said.

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“He’s in one of his moods. These events are really telling on him”, Cardinal Franzio said with a sigh.

“There’s no problem. The subject is already arranged and ready. The experts are currently unto the job”, Adams assured.

“We’ve got an update here”, Elroy said from behind Adams. “The next hit is the Academy of Sciences”.

“The Pontificia Academia de Scientiarum? This just can’t be true. The church has spent billions on it”, Lorenzo expostulated.

“Tell all personnel to evacuate the Academy of Sciences and its premises. Send in the bomb squad and the hardware experts to dismantle the main frame and get the hard disks now! I’ll be there in a second!” The Chief Swiss Guard barked orders into his cell phone.

“Excuse me, Signore e Signori, I think I’ll be taking my leave now”, he said and left the room.

“That’s it. Emily, if that your guy is trustworthy, please call him and tell him to ensure that the President’s kid is safe. We would send our men in no time; just for the moment, please. Meanwhile, the guy’s ready and waiting with the Swiss Guards at the Marca polo International Airport, Venice. I’m counting on you”.

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