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Silver Bullet – Season 1 – Episode 20

Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet

8 . 50 A.M.


This is unbelievable! You’re sure Arnold Kelvin is the prime suspect?” Agent Adams asked.

They were in his lavishly furnished office which spotted latest hi-tech gadgets and immpressive interior decor.

He stood hands akimbo staring at the wall-size touch screen monitor and then at the open file on his desk. On the screen and his biometric data on the other side.

“Of course, boss. Why do you ask?” Elroy asked picking up the file from the glass table and running his hands over it.

“The President seems to have something to do with him. He has mentioned him a few times to me. Once an army general, had a little problem then he disappeared”.

“Rumor has it that he is the man behind the notorious mafia known as ‘the Malibu’ ‘”.
“Of course, he climbed our ‘A’ list after they bombed the ECOWAS headquaters”.

The guy is good at making disappearances, just like a ghost. He’s untraceable and has eyes everywhere”.
Adam’s cell rang.

“It’s the President”, he whispered to Elroy.
“Of course we’ve got her covered. I’ll get a confirmation as soon as I can”, Adams said.
“How far have you gone with the investigation?” The President asked.

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“Yeah, Detective Strathmore brought in dossier, I will forward it to you soon.
“What does it say?” He asked anxiously.
“He discovered that she was abducted”
“Abducted? By who?”
“The Malibu”

“The Malibu? How close are we to getting these guys?
“Don’t worry yourself, sir. I’m on it”
“Alright” he said and ended the call.

“What was that all about?” Elroy asked s——g his face.

“His daughter”.
“But we’ve got agents covering her”.
“Of course, I’ll reach them to confirm if there’s a problem”, he said turning to his laptop.
He created a secure call connection and forwarded the call to the agents.

“ASP21 & ASP202, I need a situation report. Over”. The line was silent. He repeated himself, yet there was no response.

“D–n it. ASP21 & ASP202 get to me as soon as possible if you’re still active”, he faced Elroy.

“Is there a problem?” He asked. “I think there is, the agents guarding the President’s daughter are not responding”.

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