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Silver Bullet – Season 1 – Episode 19

Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet

Emily had heard so much about the Pope. She understood that he was a powerful leader of billions of Christians and had seen him only on few occasions on TV. But as she sat down on an Italian leather couch, opposite the Pope, she couldn’t get herself to be comfortable with him just in a black brown stripped shirt, black trousers and a carpet slipper.

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She took her time to look around at the magnificent sitting room. She estimated that all the structures in the Holy See alone put together must really cost a fortune. The co-pilot of the helicopter had pointed out different prominent structures to her. She had sighted the Academy of Sciences, the Sistine Chapel, the St. Martha’s Palace, Belvedere Palace, the Church of St. Anne and the famed Vatican Library/Secret archives. The layout of the city was superb and in a well-defined architectural design. Despite the current situation, she was beginning to really like the small country.

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