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Silver Bullet – Season 1 – Episode 18

Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet

7. 0 1 A.M.

Fresh morning breeze filtered into the Victorian styled living room. A man sat on a couch sniffing powdered cocaine from a small elaborately carved glass tray. He relished the effect it had on him.

An electronic wheelchair was on standby beside the couch and an Apple Mac laptop on the table. He stretched his hand and typed few commands and a window popped up. It was a live coverage of the operational base which was 40 feet below. He tapped his earpiece.

“Marvin, the contacts?” He asked in a deep baritone. He was not a man of many words.
“Yes sir. They were successful”.
“Has the messenger made any demands?”
“No sir”.

“Then send in half the cash”.
“No problem boss, I’ve confirmed their location and had begun the implantation. The explosives are equipped with special Wi-fi radios. These would ensure proper communication between the bombs and the fibre optics technology, and you can now easily control the detonations from your computer”.

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The man watched his right-hand man on the cam-coder as he conducted the affairs below while still on the call.

“And the auto-timer?” The boss asked taking a swipe from a thirty year old scotch bottle and relishing its taste.

“It’s been set for midnight today and we’ve already begun…”
“You know how much I dislike small talk, Marvin. I need straight answers and complete control of those explosions from my device…now!” He threatened calmly.

He didn’t wait for the poor man to explain before terminating the call and went back to business.


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