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Silver Bullet – Season 1 – Episode 17

Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet


“What’s the meaning of this Adams? You have to take it easy man!” Elroy said surprised as another blow landed on his jaw, blood sputtered from his mouth. Adams grabbed him by the neck and dipped his head into the washbasin filled with water.

Elroy kept fighting for an air and fighting back but Adams was by far stronger and more muscular than him.

“You must tell me what all this is about! When you’re ready to talk, let me know!” He said and pulled out his head from the basin and at the same time brought out his gun. He pointed it at him and he equally held up the pictures.

“Okay, I’ll talk”.
“Just go ahead before I put a bullet in you right now!”
“I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you. I just wanted to do it my own way. I have been to the streets and gotten a few information about the Malibu…”, he paused and sneezed.

“Don’t waste my time, Agent Elroy”, he said yanking him.

“I got connected to this guy, Marvin. He is the closest I could get to the Malibu and he is also the closest to the Malibu boss than any other person, so I’ve been trying to win him over. I… I created the impression that I was a big-time drug dealer and they needed lots of it. I swear to God I never knew they were planning anything big anytime soon”.

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“The billions in your Zurich account?”
“It’s a loan. I was working with it”.
Adams lowered the gun. “You know this could land you in jail. And that’s how bad selfishness can get”.

“I’m sorry, boss. I admit it. I was selfish but you’ve got to understand me. I’ve got this bad record here and I needed it cleared up. It’s too extreme, I can’t just get to the level of leaking info. I’ve never even met the boss! You’ve got to trust me, Adams. We could use what I’ve got to track them down”.

“You should be careful, El”.
“I’ll be, I just need a chance”.
“You’ve have it but I’ll be watching”, Adams held out his hand for a handshake and the surprised Elroy took it.

“Thanks boss”, he said, a beam on his face.
“Just clean up and come over to my office”.

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