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She Told Me She Was Engaged, Now She Wants Me To Marry Her (What Should I Do?)

Like play, Like play, so I met this girl around my area and I kind of liked her. When I approached her, she was playing hard to get.

After a long while, she told me that the only condition for her to date me is if I will not interfere in her relationship as she has been engaged, and that I will let her go peacefully anytime she gets married.

It was a difficult one for me, but I gave her my word not to interfere in her relationship and to let her go. Even my elder brother warned me not to spoil that relationship.

We started making out, and I kept my word of not interfering in her relationship.

Most times we are together, and the guy calls, I tell her to pick his call, if their conversation is getting longer, I will simply excuse myself from the scene to allow her to talk with her guy freely.

There was a time an old acquaintance of hers showed up and asked her out, She lied to me unknowing to her I was tracing her to the guy’s house.

When they entered, I called her on phone to enjoy herself that I know where she is. I also let her know that I pity her man as I have nothing to lose in this whole thing.

Fast-forward to today, she came to my house and asked me my plans for her, I told her I don’t understand as she is engaged.

She told me to forget the engagement, that I should not use it as an excuse. I told her I will keep to my word, and she left angrily. Since she got home she has been calling me to agree to marry her.

What Should I Do?

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