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Sexy Tutors (18+) – Episode 9

sexy Tutors (18+)

sexy Tutors (18+)

It was the end of another hot week. The temperature had risen to a baking 95 degrees and had stayed that way for the whole week. The girls had found the heat practically unbearable, and spent most of their time in the pool. Kenny too had found the weather very uncomfortable, and most of the time it was too hot to study or go out. He had limited his time at the pool to the evenings because he knew the girls were there almost throughout the day, wearing their skimpy bikinis and lying in the cool shade. Most of the times he sat in his room with the AC at full blast, playing video games or peeping behind the curtain at the girls lounging below.

All through the week, Asuka couldn’t get the incident she witnessed out of her mind. Part of her wanted to be angry at her friends, but she realized the more she thought about it, the more thrilled she became. She couldn’t shake the tingly s£nsat!ons and the shivers she got anytime she remembered. To her dismay, she sometimes imagined herself in Phoebe’s place on the bed,

Kenny plowing into her wetness from behind while she m0aned in pleasure. She sometimes found herself flexing her fingers, stroking an imaginary J0yst!ck in her hand. She hadn’t summoned the courage to confront Phoebe yet, and right now as she lay in the lounge chair relaxing in the shade beside the pool, seeing her friend stretched on her back, her skin tanned bronze, brought the image back again, his plowing into her and her screams of passion. She began to feel the tingles in her cunt and felt the moistness. She crossed her thighs. She was getting horny again.

Myra came out of the pool, her wet body shining in the sun. Asuka watched her as she moved to her chair and lay down, the warm rays of the sun drying her up. Did she know? Was she in on it as well? She wouldn’t have been too surprised if it were Myra instead of Phoebe, but she would never know.

“Asuka, you okay?” Myra asked her, bringing her out of her thoughts. She hadn’t even realized her friend was talking to her.
“Oh, sorry, I spaced out for a minute.” She said.
“You surely did. I asked you something and you frowned. I waved my hand in your face too.”
“What’s going through your mind?” Phoebe asked.
“Oh nothing really just….” She trailed off.
“Just what?”
“You sure?”
“Okay then.”
They continued to chat for a while. Phoebe watched her closely. Each time Asuka caught her watching her, she quickly looked away. Phoebe smiled. Asuka later got up and dived into the pool.
“I think she knows.” Phoebe said to Myra.
“Knows what?”
“That I had s*x with Kenny.”
“You had s*x with him? Already?”
“Oh I didn’t tell you. Yes I did.”
“The day you guys went for your hike.”
“Wow. Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Sorry, I forgot.”
“How did it happen?”
Phoebe told her everything. How she caught him staring at her, the agreement they had, and the wild session they had afterwards.
“I tell you, he does know how to handle his equipment. He really gave me a shagging. And that Pour…” she cooed, “Mmmmm, yummy. He tasted just as you described.”
“Wow.” Myra breathed, her body suddenly aroused form her friend’s story.
“I feel she knows or suspects something.” Phoebe said, watching Asuka in the pool.
“Why do you say that?” Myra wondered
“Well, after we finished…ahemmm…Bleeping” Phoebe smiled for lack of a better word, “I thought I heard a scream. I noticed the door was open, and I could have sworn I closed it before we started.”
“Wait, what day was this again?” Myra asked.
“The day you guys went hiking.”
Myra thought for a while. “Asuka turned back in the middle of our hike. Said she couldn’t continue. She must have heard you guys at it and peeped.”
“No wonder she’s been acting all buttoned up to me lately.”
They both smiled and looked at their friend.
“You think she’s angry?” Phoebe asked.
“Why should she be? And for what reason? It’s not like you [email protected] her boyfriend or anything. If she wants to get la!d too, she should do something about it. It’s about time she did. Maybe it’ll take some of that annoying attitude out of her.”
“Yeah, you’re right. Let’s talk about it later.” Phoebe said, as they saw her coming out of the pool.

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Kenny finally closed the book in front of him. He had just completed the homework Asuka gave him yesterday and he was tired. He so needed a long rest. His brain was tired. He needed to move some more too. Being stuck in the house all week tutoring and studying and writing assignments had almost given him a brain aneurism.

He leaned back against the side of his bed. So far his summer had been somewhat okay. Being stuck at home studying all the time was tedious, but with three almost always Unclad girls tutoring him, he could rarely complain. He was beginning to get used to seeing them bare everything, and as such his concentration was improving just slightly. That didn’t mean he didn’t get massive erections all the time as well as peeping occasionally at the girls while they swam or sat beside the pool. He had to limit his use of the pool till the evenings after dinner as the girls were always there all the time when they weren’t tutoring him.

His mind went to the special “sessions” he had with Miss Myra and Miss Phoebe. His J0yst!ck began to grow hard in his underwear. Though Miss Myra was the first woman to ever make him Pour, it was Miss Phoebe who actually took his virginity. The first woman in his life he would ever have s*x with. His J0yst!ck grew harder as he thought of how she had wrapped her lips around his shaft and how she had sU-Cked him till he exploded in her cute mouth. He remembered how he had sU-Cked her nub, the slippery salty taste of her wetness, and the warmth of her slippery cunt as he plowed deep into her, their m0ans of pleasure and sounds of their flesh slapping into each other. His rod began to ache as he remembered the pleasure he felt when he finally pulled out and she jerked him off, his jizz coating her tummy and pooling in her belly button.

For some particular reason, his thoughts went straight to Miss Asuka and just like that, he abruptly lost his raging hard on. Of the three girls, he hated her the most. Such a spoil-sport. Her strictness was really annoying. Agreed, she had a nice slightly plump body with large breasts, but her attitude pissed him off. He remembered the whacks she gave him with that ruler anytime he answered any of her questions wrong. One of these days, he was going to grab that ruler of her and shove it down that bespectacled face of her. Maybe she’ll learn her lesson then. He sighed and picked up his game pad.

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Later that afternoon they were all having a lovely dinner. It was Phoebe’s turn to cook again and she had prepared a nice meal. They all enjoyed it. The dinner would have gone on nicely but for Asuka’s sudden sour attitude. It was beginning to get on everyone’s nerves.

Myra suggested they all gout that evening.

Phoebe and Kenny were up for it but for some reason Asuka said she wasn’t interested.
“Look Asuka” Phoebe said, “I’m sure I’m speaking for everyone else here, but you are beginning to get on everyone’s nerves.”
“What do you mean?” Asuka fired back.
“Your attitude. What the heck is wrong with you? You are not better than everyone else here. If you have a problem, come out and say it” Phoebe replied.
“Yeah. You’ve been kind of a spoil-sport the past couple of days. What gives?” Myra asked.

They both knew exactly what was wrong with her. They just wanted to know if she had the guts to confront them with it. They stared at her with frowns on their faces, silently daring her to speak. Asuka looked back at them angry as well, and without a word she stood up and left the table for her room.
“Gosh, what a B***h” Phoebe murmured under her breath as they all watched Asuka walk angrily up the stairs.
“Ermmm, did you guys have an argument that I don’t know about?” Kenny asked, surprised.
“No. we didn’t. She’s just being a douchebag. Don’t let her sour attitude annoy you.” Phoebe said.
“She needs to get la!d. Kenny, any suggestions on that?” Myra asked. Kenny blushed scarlet.

Phoebe laughed. “Come on Kenny, don’t be shy. She already knows. And I know what happened with you and her the other day.”
“Well….” Kenny said, embarrassed.

“I know she “accidentally” grabbed your J0yst!ck instead of the remote. And I know she titfu-Cked you. She also knows we F***ed. There, it’s out in the open.” Phoebe said.
“We both believe Asuka sneaked a peek when you and Phoebe were screwing yourselves out. I’m sure that’s why she’s all so buttoned up and angry.” Myra explained.
“Gee, I didn’t know that. Maybe that’s why she’s been mean to me. My fingers hurt so much from her whacking me so hard with her rulers.”
“Well, don’t let that bother you. You have both of us to make up for her nonsense, if you know what I mean” Phoebe said, winking at him.

Kenny smiled back nervously. They finished up their dinner.
“Why don’t three of us go out and hit the town? We could have a lot of fun.” Myra said.
“What about…her?” Kenny asked.
“Oh please. Let her mope. If she wants to get la!d she should do something about it. Besides I don’t want anyone to spoil my evening.” Phoebe remarked.
“Why don’t you go get ready? We’ll meet up here in about fifteen minutes?”

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