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Sexy Tutors (18+) – Episode 8

sexy Tutors (18+)

sexy Tutors (18+)

Asuka stumbled exhausted into the door. She was so hot and her feet hurt. She glanced at her watch. It was about an hour she and Myra had left. She staggered towards the kitchen to grab a cold drink from the fridge. Her water had gone lukewarm and she had emptied the rest over her face as she walked home.

She leaned against the counter top as she cooled herself down. She wondered where Phoebe was. Probably still in her session with Kenny. It was only then she became aware of some muffled noises coming from somewhere upstairs. She scoffed. Instead of tutoring, all they were doing was making a lot of noises. And what was that banging sound? She moved towards the stairs, intent on finding out why they were making so much noise.

It was when she moved closer to Phoebe’s room that she heard the m0an!ng. What’s going on? She stopped to be sure her ears weren’t deceiving her. Sounds like someone’s having s*x in there. She heard two people groan, heard the pants, and the sounds of flesh slapping into flesh. She tiptoed towards the door and placed her ear against the frame. Yes, definitely the sound of two people going at it like horny rabbits. She felt disgusted and excited at the same time. She slowly turned the knob and opened the door an inch. The sight she encountered shocked her.
Kenny knelt over and behind a prone Phoebe. Asuka saw his rigid J0yst!ck and gasped. She watched as Phoebe instructed him to lie down over him. He complied and Asuka stared wide eyed as he buried his J0yst!ck into her friend’s cunt. He began to thrust into her and heard the loud m0ans coming out from her mouth. Asuka tried to turn away but her eyes remained glued to the action unfolding in front of her. She wanted to feel disgusted, but she found out she was getting more and more excited by what she was witnessing. She knew she had to stop and turn away but her body wasn’t willing. So that’s why Pheebs and Myra like him so much, she thought. Doing such dirty things to the young boy.

How very shameful. Was she even sure Myra was in on the act too? She didn’t know. The thoughts of how she was going to confront her friends on this shocking discovery flooded her mind as she watched, and in her daze she didn’t know when her fingers slipped into her hiking shorts.

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Kenny pumped into Phoebe faster and soon he wasn’t able to hold out anymore. She had turned onto her back and the sheer force of his exertions was making her dizzy. She looked up at him and watched the expression on his face change.
“Oh Miss Phoebe!!!! I can’t hold on anymore!!! It’s happening again!!!” he pleaded.
“Pull out!!! Quickly!!! I’m not on the pill!!” she yelled at him.

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He gave her two or three more thrusts and began to Pour. At the same time Phoebe also reached her peak and her [email protected] massaged Kenny’s spurting J0yst!ck as he almost filled her with his Pour. At the last moment, he managed to pull out of her. His orgasm before had been the best he had felt up until that moment but this one was even better. Gasping for air, his J0yst!ck began to offload its load. Phoebe’s orgasm was enhanced by the warm feeling of Kenny’s Pour shooting over her belly. She reached up and grabbed his spurting J0yst!ck, milking him all over her tummy. The force of her rapid stroking enhanced his pleasure even more and he gave her several shots, his man milk flying all over the place. Some flew and landed on the headboard. She continued to will his Pour out of him until he was begging her to stop. He collapsed on her in exhaustion.

Phoebe wrapped her arms around him and they both lay there catching their breath. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at him in admiration.
“That….was….impressive” she told him. “You will be the dream man of any girl if you keep this up.”
“Tha…thanks Miss Phoebe” Kenny replied, exhausted.

“All you just need to work on is your confidence.”
Phoebe played with the copious amount of Pour he had deposited over her tummy. She scooped some up with her fingers and placed them on her lips, sU-Cking them clean.
“Yummy. You are really delicious.” She said. She continued to scoop and lick off the remaining Pour on her body. She heard a faint scream coming from somewhere and glanced over to the door.
“Did we leave that open?” she asked.
Asuka wasn’t aware her fingers were rubbing furiously over her went cunt until her orgasm hit her. Gasping, trying so hard to suppress the scream that was beginning to form in her throat, she staggered away from the door towards her room at the end of the hall. She had barely been able to shut the door before she lost it. The contractions hit her like a ton of bricks. She screamed, shuddering and slid to the floor. All the built up rage and passion came flooding out on one fell swoop. She felt the moistness gush out of her as she climaxed. She pounded her fist on the floor, trying hard to suppress the powerful s£nsat!ons coursing through her body.
She gradually returned to her senses. She sat on the floor slumped against the door. She stared at her laps glistening from her sweat and wetness. Had she peed on herself? Her crotch was still tingling from the powerful contractions and her shorts were wet. She lifted her hand and looked at her sticky fingers. She had waited too long, trying to too hard to keep her desires in check. One of the main reasons why she was always so cranky and tensed up. Her Japanese culture attested to that. She needed serious release, get rid of all the bottled up rage and desires. She needed to get herself la!d, get someone to screw her senseless, make her Pour till she passed out. Maybe then she wouldn’t be so bitter and angry all the time.

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Asuka stood up weakly and peeled off her sweaty clothes. She walked over to the door length mirror. She turned around, watching the Unclad bespectacled girl staring back at her in the mirror. She had a nice body. Any man will go for her. She turned again and smacked her curvy butt. The girl in the reflection did the same. Asuka looked on as the girl lifted her breasts, jiggled them, pinched her Tips, and gasped in pleasure, peering closely as they grew hard. She didn’t want to give herself to just anyone. Definitely not someone much younger than her, thinking of what she witnessed earlier. Another reason why she had held on for too long. She was too picky, too particular, too proud. That’s why she wasn’t too popular with guys, in spite of her beauty. Her previous relationships had not lasted more than two months and had not gone beyond first base. You need to calm down, she told herself. She trudged Unclad towards her bathroom to wash off all the grime and sweat from her body.

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