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Sexy Tutors (18+) – Episode 6

sexy Tutors (18+)

sexy Tutors (18+)

Her chance came a week later. She had closely watched Kenny throughout that week, biding her time carefully. Myra and Asuka had taken their tutoring with Kenny earlier in the day and she had deliberately delayed taking hers. She had told him she was going to push his tutoring forward a couple of hours and he had said he was going out for a while to be back in time for his tutoring session with her.

That evening, the weather had significantly cooled down a bit and Myra had insisted they take a hike for a while.
“I can’t. I still have to give Kenny a quiz this evening.” Phoebe said.
“Okay. Asuka? You care to come?”
“Sure. Why not? It’s better than being holed up indoors all day. The weather is very nice.”
They both put on their hiking boots and backpacks of snacks and water bottles.
“We should be back in about an hour.” Myra said.
“Sure. Have fun.”
Phoebe watched as her friends stepped out the door. She rubbed her hands together. She picked up her cell and called Kenny.
“I’m just around the corner. I’ll be home in about ten minutes.”
“Okay, just grab your books and meet me in my room. Don’t be late.”
“Okay, Miss Phoebe. See you in a bit.” Kenny replied cheerfully.
She snapped her phone shut and walked up the stairs to her room to wait patiently for his arrival.

Kenny got home about fifteen minutes later. He quickly grabbed a snack out of the fridge and walked to his room to get his books for his session with Miss Phoebe. He met her just before the stairs, smiling at him. He asked her where everyone else was. She told him they had gone hiking and she had insisted she would stay for his tutoring session.

Phoebe turned and walked up the stairs, Kenny following closely behind. For him this worked out to his advantage because he had the chance to watch his s*xy** tutor as she walked ahead of him. He immediately noticed that Miss Phoebe had worn the shortest pair of shorts he had ever see her wear since she had arrived and only a halter top that seemed pretty thin, with no bra under it. Kenny was quite wary as he followed his s*xy** tutor into her room. It’s always the quiet ones that needed to be watched.

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Phoebe quickly got the tutoring session started but Kenny seemed to be a bit distracted, his answers to her questions seemed to be unusually hesitant. She quickly realized the view of her barely covered body and long bare legs was having the usual affect upon Kenny’s teenage hormones, just the way she had planned it to go.

Phoebe found she was excited by this and unconsciously rearranged herself to show herself off even more. Unfortunately this caused Kenny performance to suffer even more.

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Phoebe’s libido was finding Kenny’s interest in her body more and more exciting and it was starting to interfere with her own tutorial efforts.

But she still retained enough presence of mind to feel a little frustrated at Kenny’s unaccustomed inattention and she started turning her mind to ways she could solve that little problem.

Suddenly she had an idea, one which sent a thrill of excitement through her body and down to her [email protected] Phoebe debated with herself for a couple of minutes, trying to gather her courage. Finally the tingle in her [email protected] overcame her judgment and Phoebe decided to proceed with her idea.
“Kenny, let’s take a break for a minute,” Phoebe said.

“OK,” he replied, relieved he could look away from the tempting lady infront of him.
“I’ve noticed you seem to have a hard time concentrating tonite Kenny,” Phoebe said.
“Ummm, yeah, I guess so, I think it’s the heat” Kenny replied. Phoebe thought she could see him blushing.
“You seem to be distracted by something else,” Phoebe continued, knowing full well that she was the distraction.
“M…Maybe,” was the reply from Kenny.
“Am I your distraction?” Phoebe asked.
“I guess so. You’re so beautiful I can’t look away,” Kenny answered after a moment’s hesitation.

“We need to finish our tutoring. Do you think you can concentrate better if I give you a reward when we are done?” Phoebe asked, her excitement making her bolder, her wet [email protected] tingling.
“What sort of reward do you have in mind?” Kenny asked the beautiful blonde haired tutor.
“If you can keep your mind on your work until we are done I will let you see all of me,” Phoebe proposed.
“All of you? As in with no clothes on?” Kenny asked excitedly.
“Yes, with no clothes on. Unclad. You can see anything you want I will show everything to you,” Phoebe answered.
“Is that such a good idea? i..I really don’t want you to do anything you’re not comfortable with.” Kenny asked.
“Yes. But like any reward you will have to earn it. You have to keep your mind on your work and answer every question. Can you do that?” Phoebe asked.
“I can try,” Kenny replied after a while.
“You’d better if you want to see more of me,” Phoebe said.
The two continued their usual session and Kenny was now paying closer attention to what he needed to do. Since he was a smart boy he didn’t really have any trouble. The fact of the matter was it was Phoebe that had some difficulty in concentrating, but she managed to keep Kenny from catching on to this.
As was usual during her tutoring sessions with Kenny, Phoebe had a question and answer session at the end. Kenny answered each question carefully and managed to answer everyone correctly. Phoebe was unable to find anything wrong with Kenny’s performance since she had offered him the reward so now she was put in the position of having to deliver upon her part of the bargain. This sent a thrill of excitement through her body as she felt the excitement prompted by the idea of what she was about to do.
“Good work Kenny. You’ve earned your reward,” she announced.
“Great! I’m looking forward to it!” Kenny replied eagerly.
“Good. Now just sit there and watch,” Phoebe instructed.

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